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Furoshiki: How To Wear!

Furoshiki: How To Wear! / Oh Joy!

  3 Ways to Wear Furoshiki / via Oh Joy!

We've showed you three ways to wrap a Furoshiki (a Japanese wrapping cloth), and now today, we're showing you a few of my favorite ways to wear one! Whether it's as a headband or a scarf, here are step-by-step instructions on how to rock one…

Furoshiki: How To Wear! / Oh Joy!

Headband — I love using a furoshiki as a headband when I want to keep my hair out of my face while still looking put together. It's a fun way to bring in extra color and personality and perfect for the warm summer days we've been having lately! 


Here's how… 
1. Fold furoshiki in half to create a triangle.
2. From the bottom, roll up until you reach the top point of the triangle.
3. Start by centering the furoshiki at the base of your head, bring up and knot.
4. Wrap the ends back under your head and secure with a double knot. Add bobbie pins to make it extra secure.

3 Ways to Wear Furoshiki / via Oh Joy!

Casual Scarf — This is a fun option when you want to add a little something EXTRA to your outfit! It's super simple and makes a great addition to a casual or dressy look.


Here's how…
1. Like the headband, fold in half to create a triangle and roll up all the way.
2. Tighten around your neck as fitted or loose as you'd like. Tie with a double knot.
3. Fluff and smooth out the ends so they lay as you like.

3 Ways to Wear Furoshiki / via Oh Joy!

Loose Wrap Scarf with Pins For when you want to take your furoshiki game up a notch, pair it with a vintage pin or two! Here's how to keep the structure of the scarf loose so you can easily add extra pins.


Here's how…
1. Fold furoshiki in half to make a triangle.
2. Scrunch together a bit and tie somewhat loosely around your neck.
3. Secure with a double knot and add some vintage pins for extra detail!

Which one is your favorite?! Comment below to let me know! 

{Photos by Lily Glass. Styling and modeling by Wilmarose Orlanes, styling assistance by Jess Hong.



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