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make a kids’ craft cart!

make a kids

make a kids' craft cart / oh joy!

I love fostering creativity in my kids. One of the ways that I always suggest doing that is keeping a fun mix of materials and art supplies around for them to experiment with. So, today, we’re showing you how to turn a basic cart into a super cute craft cart for your little ones!

make a kids' craft cart / oh joy!

Here’s the before and after! See how we transformed this cart…

make a kids' craft cart / oh joy!

You’ll need:
spray paint primer
– spray paint (pinktealyellow)
iridescent tape


Here’s how:
1. Before assembling cart, spray paint each tray and the legs with primer. Let dry 15 minutes.
2. Spray each tray with one of the colors and spray the legs with white spray paint. Let dry 20 minutes.
3. Apply tape around the side of each tray, leaving space for the holes to screw the tray to the legs.
4. Assemble cart according to the directions.

make a kids' craft cart / oh joy!

I love how the cart makes it easy to move into a different room or even outside when your creativity takes you elsewhere!

Sources: Benjamin Moore Barely Teal paint, OMY wall coloring, Oh Joy for Lorena Canals rug, Ikea easel, Ikea kids table, Ikea stool.

{Photos by Lily Glass. Styling by Wilmarose Orlanes, styling assistance and crafting by Jess Hong.



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