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how to hang a floor-to-ceiling gallery wall…

How to Create a Floor to Ceiling Gallery Wall

How to Create a Floor to Ceiling Gallery Wall

I love gallery walls over here because you can show off a lot of smaller pieces of art all together. However, gallery walls can be intimidating to hang if you don't know where to start. So today, we're here to show you how to do it! For this one, we went floor-to-ceiling with just a five pieces to create interest and impact. Even with only five pieces, you get the same collected look without being overwhelmed with too many pieces to hang. Here's how to master a gallery wall…

How to Create a Floor to Ceiling Gallery Wall

You'll need…
– level
– hammer
– nail
– pencil
– ruler

How to Create a Floor to Ceiling Gallery Wall

When choosing a grid layout like this, use four of the same size frames that match the width of the larger print. Or, you can create something more organic with different size frames like this

How to Create a Floor to Ceiling Gallery Wall

Here's how…
1. Start by laying your frames out on the floor so you can play around with the placement and spacing.
2. Since we had a large frame in our gallery, we started by hanging that one. Use a level to even out the frame.
3. Measuring out from our center frame, we left about 3 inches of space between the frames to go above and below. You can lightly mark with a pencil where you'd like either the top or bottom of the frame to land. 
4. On the back of the frame, measure the distance from the edge to the hanging wire, and mark this corresponding spot on the wall. This is where you'll place your nail.
5. Once all your frames are hung and level, it helps to place a bit of putty at each bottom corner to keep the frames from tilting.

How to Create a Floor to Ceiling Gallery Wall

I love the impact it now adds to small space or corner in need of some love!

Sources shown: Benjamin Moore Barely Teal  paint, Target side table (past season), Target speckled vase,West Elm flamingo, Target ceramic tray (past season), Nomah Project circle bag, vintage chair, Urban Outfitters round pillow, Clare V. pink circle purse, Target rug, Alohas silver sandals (past season), Kindah Khalidy abstract print, Framebridge frame, Tiel Duncan girl print, Framebridge frame, Max Wanger cloud print, Malissa Ryder color block print, Framebridge frame, Cash Color figure print, Framebridge frame, Marais purple sandals (past season), JustFab yellow heels (past season), Loeffler Randall pink heels (past season), vintage dresses, Asos hot pink dress (past season), Our Second Nature white speckled dress, Zara Kids bucket purse (past season), Hat Attack hat (past season), Arro Home ottoman.

{Photos by Morgan Pansing. Styling by Wilmarose Orlanes, styling assistance by Jess Hong.


  1. Love this so much! I just did my first floor-to-ceiling gallery wall in our living room, and it turned out beautiful. Everyone always loves it! I would love to do one like this in our girls’ bonus room. So pretty, and I love the different-sized frames. Thanks for sharing!! <3


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