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a diy belt bag!

A DIY Belt Bag / via Oh Joy!

A DIY Belt Bag / via Oh Joy!

The fanny pack trend is back in full swing, so today we're showing you how you can make your very own chic version: a belt bag! It's easier than it looks and is super cute and lightweight to carry around! It's perfect for all those small things you want to carry with you but want to keep hands-free. Here's how…

A DIY Belt Bag / via Oh Joy!

You'll need…
– belt
– leather, suede, or faux leather (ours is from The Fabric Store)
leather hole punch
brass head with screw back
– scissors/rotary cutter
– exacto knife
– paper (8.5 x 11")
– pen
– ruler
cutting mat


Here's how…
1. Trim 1/2 " off letter-sized paper so that it is 8" wide.
2. Using the grid on the cutting mat and a ruler, mark a diagonal line on each corner of the top of the paper and cut.
3. Trace your paper template onto the back of the leather and cut out using a ruler and rotary cutter.
4. Use a ruler to draw lines where you plan to fold the clutch – we folded the bottom up 4 1/4" and the top down 2 3/4". This will be a helpful guide for where to place you belt loop slits.
5. In the center of what will be the back of the pouch once the sides are glued, mark two slits, each at least 1/2" thick.
6. Cut slits with an exacto knife, making sure they're long enough to comfortable fit the belt you will be using.
7. From the top flap, measure in 1" and down 1/2" from either side and mark. Use hole punch to make holes here.
8. Fold up pouch, and mark in the holes you just punched onto the layer below. Make a cross cut here with the exacto knife.
9. Insert screws through holes on the bottom flap and screw on brass heads.
10. Glue each side and secure with clips. Let dry for 30 minutes.
11. Loop onto a belt you already have!

A DIY Belt Bag / via Oh Joy!

{Photos by Lily Glass. Styling and crafting by Jess Hong.



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