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things i learned through my life coach that might help you, too…

Things I Learned Through My Life Coach That Might Help You, Too!


Things I Learned Through My Life Coach That Might Help You, Too!

A couple weeks ago, I talked in detail about why I got a Life Coach. Today, I wanted to share some nuggets of information from some of the notes I've taken from conversations we've had or books I've read that could help you, too, in some way. These are pulled from various moments over the last several months. But I love that on their own (without the context of why we discussed them), they still make so much sense….

1. Any type of growth takes time and faith and practice. Growth hurts just like when you're exercising, and you get sore from using new muscles. Sometimes it's uncomfortable to grow and change and become the real you. 

2. Even though growth can hurt, you shouldn't stop it from happening. If you were to try and help a butterfly transform, you might do more damage then good. It needs to transform on its own to become what it can truly be.

3. Sometimes, if you prevent an experience from happening to someone else (because you are worried you'll hurt their feelings or they may react poorly), you’re holding them back from learning a lesson on their own to experience those emotions. They needs those lessons for their own personal growth.

4. Making an agreement with someone is much stronger than an placing an expectation upon them. This holds true for partners in marriage, employees, co-workers, etc. Others love to keep agreements that they can co-author with you. Then if something you're hoping for isn't realistic for the other person, you’ll find out in advance why something won’t occur the way you want it to.

5. The owner mindset is taking whatever life gives me and welcoming it in. Owning it and deciding what I want to learn and create from it.

The victim mindset sees circumstance as all powerful. And often those circumstances look negative and emotionally overwhelming.

The truth is we human beings have an endless, innate capacity for optimism and creativity already built-in that we can choose to tap into anytime we want.

6. We have to remember that the goal of life is not to be busy, it is to be successful. Often, it is when we let go of our busyness that vision returns, inspiration appears, and a new level of true success is possible.

7. Success is about being original and being collaborative. Success is about connecting with others and finding your team. Even the most original thinkers need to have backing and support for their visions and ideas.

{Photo by Lily Glass.}


  1. Thank you!!! Such a testament to you and the type of person you are, sharing what you are learning knowing that it may help others. Very kind and generous. I will be writing these important points down in my journal to help remind me to shift my perspective during difficult times.
    To your point of being original and collaborative- something you said once in an insta story has really stuck with me- how you may ask 10 people if they want to collaborate before you get 1 yes. It was so helpful to hear that even someone as successful as you can get turned down and how you don’t let it get to you, you just keep going!:)
    Thank you again! You are truly inspiring!

  2. This was SO good. I watched your highlights on IG the other day and have been swapping out “I must” with “I can” – wow!! So powerful. I have been contemplating a life coach for some time now and after reading this post I really want to pursue this. Thank you!!

  3. So many juicy nuggets of wisdom in this post. Thank you so much for sharing. I hope you will continue to share your progress with your coach. “We have to remember that the goal of life is not to be busy, it is to be successful.” Lately i’ve felt like a mouse running on a wheel but never making any progress. I’m going to try to work on being more productive and less “busy”. And thanks for reminding me that change can be painful, but necessary for true growth. Best of luck to you, Joy!

  4. OMG this is one of my favorite posts from you! I’m gonna share it with all my creative/entrepreneurial friends. Too many good insights too narrow down!


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