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Perler Bead Coaster DIY!

Perler Bead Coaster DIY / via Oh Joy!

Perler Bead Coaster DIY / via Oh Joy!

Who remembers playing with these beads when you were a kid to make key chains?! Today, we're showing you an updated way to use them by making…coasters! It'll have you feeling like a kid again with a VERY useful end result. Here's how…

Perler Bead Coaster DIY / via Oh Joy!

You'll need…
– perler beads (peach, aqua, white, yellow, pink)
bead pegboard
ironing paper or parchment paper
– iron


Here's how…
1. If you'd like, sketch out the pattern you'd like to create on your coasters ahead of time.
2. Place perler beads around the edge, creating the perimeter of your coaster.
3. Fill in whatever pattern you'd like to go inside of the coaster. We made a simple abstract design.
4. Fill in remaining negative space with your background color.
5. Place a sheet of wax paper over it. Then iron, with very light pressure, for about 30 seconds.
6. Peel off paper and let cool for 30 seconds.

Perler Bead Coaster DIY / via Oh Joy!

Sources shownBenjamin Moore Marshmallow Bunny paint, print, Jo Chambers print, Framebridge frame Kate Spade pitcher (past season), vintage brass orange slice, W&P pineapple shaker, vintage glasses, Anne & Kate silver glitter swizzle sticks, Anne & Kate gold glitter swizzle sticks.

{Photos by Lily Glass. Styling and crafting by Jess Hong.



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