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Happy Friday + My Life In Color!

Happy Friday + My Life in Color! / via Oh Joy!

Happy Friday + My Life in Color! / via Oh Joy!

Happy Friday! My talented friend Brittany Watson Jepsen of The House Lars Built recently launched a companion book to Craft The Rainbow called My Life In Color! It's a really beautiful journal full of prompts that help encourage personal exploration through COLOR. It's super fun and got me thinking about my favorite color…green!

I love green because it is so calming, can be paired with lots of colors (blue and pink are my favorite to pair it with!), and it reminds me of nature and growth. So to give you some GREEN inspiration, here are a few of my favorite ways we've used green to style over the last few years here at Oh Joy! From statement couches to home offices, even to an ENTIRE living room decked out in green…

A Green + Blue Living Room / via Oh Joy!

The star of this blue and green living room is the bright green couch! Using a colorful couch makes a really fun statement in a super simple way. 

A Mint Green Office / via Oh Joy!

This calm, cool mint office is super relaxing! We used lots of mint accents mixed with white and gold. 

How to Decorate with Plants... / via Oh Joy!

For this lush indoor garden space, we let the plants bring in ALL the green! 

A Peach + Green Office / via Oh Joy!

Here's another fun office space that pairs peach with a deep green. We used lots of plants and natural elements to compliment the color. 

An All Green Living Room / via Oh Joy!

Last but definitely not least, for this living room we used green EVERYWHERE. We mixed in different shades and brought in other neutral colors to compliment and balance it out.

My Life In Color + Journal!
For more inspiration, check out Brittany's new guide! There are also two blank journals (here and here!) that are SO pretty and can be used to write more about your color discoveries! Oh, and Happy Friday!
{Book photos via The House That Lars Built. Interior photos by Lily Glass and Casey Brodley.}



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