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a festive honeycomb backdrop for your next holiday party…



The holiday season is HERE and holiday festivities are in full swing! When it comes to holiday entertaining, I love creating a moment where people can capture the memories of that moment…something tangible that they'll find years from now that will bring them back with a smile on their face. So today, we've partnered with FUJIFILM to bring you a super fun party backdrop! There are SO many fun ways to integrate the FUJIFILM instax SQUARE® SQ6 cameras into parties and gatherings with friends, and this backdrop makes the perfect photo op to do just that. Take a look…


You'll need…
– 4 pieces of foam board
– duct tape
– ornaments (similar)
– double-sided tape


Here's how…
1. Use the duct tape to tape together the four foam boards.
2. Lay out the honeycombs half-opened in the placement you like. These should take up a majority of the board. Secure the back of each to the foam board with double-sided tape.
3. Attach wire to your ornaments. Lay out the ornaments around the honeycombs making sure to spread them out.
4. Use scissors to poke a hole through the foam board. Insert the ornament wire through the hole and twist a loop on the back of the board to secure it in place. Repeat until all the ornaments are attached.
5. Fill in any gaps between the honeycombs and ornaments with the tinsel, using double-sided tape to adhere to it to the board.


Ta-dah! Now that you've got a totally cool backdrop for your gathering, here's a fun way to get the party started…


Grab your FUJIFILM instax SQUARE® SQ6 (ours is metallic Blush Gold!) and have guests take a photo in front of the backdrop as soon as they arrive. You can take their photo for them, or they can take their own with the front-facing mirror to help get that perfectly-framed selfie. As the night goes on, keep passing around the camera so that everyone has lots of photos to remember the night and to take home with them!



Then, get crafty! Have stickers, washi tape, and pens ready so guests can decorate their instax photos. They can write their name or a FUN message on it to remember the night by.



Now that everyone has a really special photo, have them add their creation to their place setting or to the table decor so everyone can see and enjoy the fun moments that were captured! You can either have card holders out or simply place the photo on their plate. I love this because not only does everyone then have a fun way of knowing where to sit, BUT it's also a great party favor that they can take home and cherish for years to come.

*This post is brought to you in collaboration with FUJIFILM instax.

Sources shownTarget Pirouette paint, Ai Modern credenza, Target ceramic trees, Target green mini cake stands (similar), Target reindeer figurines, vintage gold stripe glasses, Anne & Kate swizzle sticks, Sugar & Cloth plastic ombre pitcher, vintage glass ombre pitcher, Urban Outfitters dark green pitcher, vintage mint chairs, Target table, CB2 napkins (past season), Urban Outfitters plates,Target flatware, Urban Outfitters blush chairs.

{Photos by Lily Glass, styling by Julia Wester, styling assistance and crafting by Jess Hong.}  



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