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why i love shopping vintage…

why i love shopping vintage

why i love shopping vintage

If you follow along on Instagram, I’m often sharing trips that I take to the Rosebowl Flea Market or estates sales. My love for vintage has truly gotten stronger and more cohesive over time. It’s developed partially based on a deeper appreciation for pieces from the past as well as me coming into my personal style more so as I have gotten older. Here are a few reasons why I love shopping vintage…

why i love shopping vintage

1. Unique pieces that (likely) no one else has. Sometimes, vintage clothing looks vintage (like this dress above). There is sometimes a cut or style of pattern that definitely dates itself but in a way that you like. And sometimes, it’s not obvious that a piece is vintage as the style has either come back to be very current or it just happens to be a more classic vintage piece. Regardless if someone can tell it’s vintage or not, the fun part is that there is a very small chance that anyone else will have that piece you just found. Pair it with everyday basics from current stores, and it becomes a great way to have a wardrobe that’s both accessible and unique.

why i love shopping vintage

2. Less waste. Shopping for vintage clothing is the ultimate form of upcycling or reusing within the realm of fashion. While I do love fast fashion for some things (my favorite pair of overalls is from Target!), I also am getting to the stage of my life where I don’t want to buy something simply because it’s cheap and trendy and then be done with it a month later. Vintage clothes already exist out there in the world. So, when you get something vintage, you’re giving it a longer life and likely replacing it with something else new you might have otherwise bought.

why i love shopping vintage

3. There are stories behind these pieces that then get continued through you. This is SUCH a fun part of vintage to me. I love imagining who first bought the piece, and why they bought it. What did they wear it to? What time period was that? What joys did they experience? I most likely will never know the answers, but it’s so fun to imagine, isn’t it?

why i love shopping vintage

4. You can buy vintage for such a great price (or not). Some vintage clothing is CRAZY expensive…like more expensive then what you would pay for something new because it is in amazing quality or has a designer label on it. That is certainly one way to go (and I will occasionally splurge on something I know is a legit piece of fashion history). But I mostly love vintage when I score a piece for a deal. My favorite booth at the Rosebowl Flea Market sells most pieces for $7-15 each. I might walk away with a handful of pieces and spend less than $60. Finding those pieces usually require more digging, but when you find them, oh…it’s SO fun!

Do YOU shop vintage?

P.S. My tips for buying vintage online.

{Photos by Lily Glass}


  1. I love the dresses -ALL of them! I usually go to thrift stores or vintage boutiques just for print inspirations… Sometimes I do find styles that I would actually wear myself but the “scent” in most of the shops always keeps me from buying. Even in the best thrift stores in London, Paris, Berlin or Amsterdam (hello from the european part of the globe) they have THAT smell. Do you have any tips and tricks for making those vintage items smell as new?

  2. Not sure if anyone else has mentioned this, but when I try to view the individual blog posts, the layout is off and the first thing I see are the social media icons which individually take up the whole screen. I’ve tried viewing on multiple browsers and I get the same thing. Just thought I’d mention it in case I’m not the only one.

  3. I’m always so jealous of petite ladies who can shop vintage. LOL. I’m 5’9″ and about a size 6/8…NOTHING vintage fits me.

  4. Lori,
    Will you email me back with screenshots? We can’t seem to recreate what you are seeing but want to make sure it’s resolved.
    Also, what browser are you on?

  5. Hi Silke!
    Oh, I know what you mean…I wash everything right away. IF you can wash it in a machine (which can be done to more vintage than I think we assume), then I always do that a couple times and the smell is gone after that.
    Otherwise, I dry clean them.

  6. I love every one of those outfits! You’ve inspired me to take a vintage shopping trip. 🙂 Also, those gold clogs are epic and I love the way they update the dress! Do you mind sharing where you got them? Thanks!!

  7. You are finding great pieces that really complement your look. I love vintage too but of course, being male, I look for different things and it’s harder since there is nowhere near as many items to choose from for guys.


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