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why I love styling with branches…



Happy Monday! We talk a lot about how to style with flowers, but what about branches? There are SO many pretty trees, bushes, and plants that we see all the time and have in our own yards. So, let's take advantage of those plants blooming in our own backyard to bring the joy inside before they dry up and fade away!

why I love styling with branches / via oh joy!

Since branches tend to be a bit larger, they make a great statement easily on their own. To create this gorgeous vignette of branches and vases, we snipped a few branches from trees in our yard, put a single branch in each vase, then clustered the vases together on a side table. That's it! I love how easily it adds life to a space and it's so fun to be able to watch them bloom in your home and up close! It's like bringing spring inside, and I'm here for it. Do you style with branches? Let me know in the comments below! And if not, will you try it now? 

Sources shown: Target Bonsai paint (past season), Target white etched vase, West Elm face vase (past season), Target pink vase, Bright Bazaar x Grandin Road yellow ombre vase*, West Elm gold abstract figurine, Target tray, glass containers, Target cabinet.

{Photos by Lily Glass, styling by Julia Wester, styling assistance by Jess Hong.}


  1. Howdy Joy! I just ordered my daughter, Olivia, one of your phone cases for her 21st birthday! She really enjoyed meeting and spending time with you this past summer while visiting Ellen.
    Olivia’s Mommy and Ellen’s Cousin =)


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