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dressing the team: boiler suits!

Oh Joy! Dressing The Team: Broiler Suits / at the ROW DTLA

Oh Joy! Dressing The Team: Broiler Suits / at the ROW DTLA

It's been a while since our last Oh Joy! Dressing the Team, but we're back with one of this season's most trendy pieces…boiler suits! Whether you love them or haven't tried them yet, here's how each member of the Oh Joy! team styled one and made it their own…

Oh Joy! Dressing The Team: Broiler Suits / Angie

Angie, our Visual and Product Designer, rocks this pink coverall like no other. She paired it with fun glitter earrings and sneakers for a comfortable and super cool look. "I love that as a single piece/jumpsuit, it simplifies my morning "what to wear?!" decisions. It's my easy-peasy, minimal, millennial, uniform. The material is buttery soft, the pink is playful, and the fit is structured and extra comfortable. Bonus feature: the zip up front makes it very nursing/pumping friendly. It is definitely a wardrobe staple for me."

Angie is wearing Wildfang coveralls, Vans shoes (past season), Each to Own earrings (similar), and a Tinker watch. Mural by Poketo.

Oh Joy! Dressing The Team: Broiler Suits / Julia

Julia, our Creative Content Producer & Stylist, dressed it up with pink heels and a fun yellow bandeau to accent the neutral piece. "With this boiler suit, I had fun adding a bralette underneath to give it a different look than your typical button-up boiler suit. I did a french cuff on the legs as well to make it more tapered at the leg. I don’t normally wear shades of brown like this, but I love the color because it felt really warm!" 

Julia is wearing Madewell X As Ever Coveralls Bralette, and Loeffler Randall shoes (past season). Mural by Lakwena.

Oh Joy! Dressing The Team: Broiler Suits / Courtney

Courtney, my Executive Assistant and New Business Coordinator, is wearing this amazing chartreuse utility jumpsuit. It's such a bright, fun color, and she rocked it with heart-shaped sunglasses, statement hoops, and wedge sandals. "I love boiler suits because they have long sleeves and don't require a sweater when you wear them. As you may or may not know, if you're wearing a sweater over a one-piece (like all of my other jumpsuits), you have to take the sweater off and set it somewhere before stripping out the suit to use the facilities. With a boiler suit, you have the long sleeves already built in so no sweater kerfuffles in the bathroom! I received a TON of compliments when wearing this one, so it made me feel incredible. :)"

Courtney is wearing an Eloquii utility jumpsuit, vintage heart sunglasses (similar), vintage hoop earrings (similar), Loeffler Randall (past season). Mural by The Painted Line.

Oh Joy! Dressing The Team: Broiler Suits / Jess

Jess, our Creative Content Assistant, is looking glam in this pretty mint boiler suit, glitter earrings, and fun hot pink heels. "I liked this boiler suit because the fabric was surprisingly light and soft, while still having enough structure to look put together. It feels like the perfect transitional spring to summer piece. The color is also really versatile because it pairs just as well with neutrals and whites as is does with bright pops of color, like the hot pink heels I chose." 

Jess is wearing Each to Own earrings (similar), Madewell boiler suit, and Loeffler Randall shoes (similar). Mural by Leta Sobierajski.

Oh Joy! Dressing The Team: Broiler Suits / Nicole

Nicole, our E-Commerce Coordinator/Buyer, picked a chic denim ensemble and paired it with amazing glitter booties. "I used to LOVE boiler suits, but as a mom and always in a hurry, they're not as practical for me. The "bathroom situation" with a child is less than ideal. However, they definitely do make me feel empowered…it's my rendition of a power suit!"

Nicole is wearing Free People Coveralls and Kate Spade glitter booties (past season). Mural by The Painted Line.

Oh Joy! Dressing The Team: Broiler Suits / Traci

Traci, our Social Media Coordinator, picked this classic white boiler suit. She paired it with neutral clogs, pink pom-pom earrings, and a bright scarf around the wrist for an extra dose of color. "I definitely love how comfortable they are and how easy they are to wear. It's an entire outfit in one! I like this boiler suit for spring and summer since it has short sleeves and because it's so neutral, you can easily add in colorful accessories."

Traci is wearing an Urban Outfitters Jumpsuit, earrings (past season), Klaede Kerchief Scarf, and Lotta clogs. Mural by Lakwena.

Oh Joy! Dressing The Team: Broiler Suits / Joy

Joy, that's me! This piece is one of my go-to pieces that serves up instant utilitarian glam (did I just make that up?)! The structure of the fabric gives this piece a nice slimming effect while also being easy to move in. I love dressing it up with heels for a fancy casual vibe or adding flats to get more cozy. I would (and have) worn it pretty much anywhere. I love the bright (yet not too crazy) color!

Joy is wearing a Big Bud Press jumpsuit (past season) and Loeffler Randall shoes (similar). Mural by The Cartorialist.

Oh Joy! Dressing The Team: Broiler Suits / via Oh Joy!

{Photos by Lily Glass. Location of photos: ROW DTLA.}


  1. I just wanted to say that I appreciate that Courtney is in these posts repping plus size ladies! You look fabulous, Courtney!! That is such a power outfit!

  2. I love these dressing the team posts, and I how each persons personal style shows through in what they choose. Also love the inclusion of all body types.


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