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this is (almost) 40…

This is (almost) 40!

This is (almost) 40!

Holy cow…tomorrow I'm turning 40! I remember when I thought 40 was SO OLD. As a kid, 40 seemed like you had been around forever, you had done so much, you were past your prime. It's funny how turning (and being) 40 is much different than I thought it would be…

I thought that by 40, I'd be a true domestic goddess and be the mom that my kids come home to amazing home-cooked meals every night. I would have my signature recipe they knew and loved me for.

    In reality, I barely can cook many homemade meals. And, I have no signature recipe. I still want to cook more, but I've realized I don't have to be that perfect domestic goddess I always imagined in my head. Trader Joe's is my best friend, and I'm proud of myself if I can make my family something somewhat homemade at least a few nights a week!

I thought that by 40, I'd have certain "grown-up" things…own a house, a car, have some kids, a great marriage, be on my way to retirement…

    In reality, I have never owned a house and am still currently renting (but a house is coming soon). I don't have car…I have something better (a mini van!), two amazing kids, and a great marriage. But I'm no where close to retirement. I still have lots of years left that I'll happily be working so that I can pay for the above mentioned house that I will finally own ;P

I thought that by 40, I'd be climbing the corporate ladder and be an executive at a design job somewhere.

    In reality, I climbed the ladder to building my own business. And where that ladder is going always changing and very exciting.

I thought that by 40, I'd have to stop wearing short skirts, wear less colorful clothing, and be a little more serious.

    In reality, my legs still look great (so I'm still wearing those short skirts), I love color more than ever, and I'm actually trying to be less serious.

So while some things are drastically different than I expected 40 to be, they are strangely so much better. I have slowly over the years (and especially in the last decade) come into who I am, felt more confident about the difference I can make in the world, and have truly felt like the most "me" ever. We are all always a work in progress, but it's progress I'm happy to keep making…even if it ends up being different than we think it will be!

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{Photo by Lily Glass}


  1. I’m over 50 and I still wear shorts (my legs still look great too). It’s all in how you feel…I used to say I feel like a teenager, but these days it’s a little older 🙂 Have a happy birthday!

  2. Happy birthday, teen mom!
    Love you so much + can’t wait to see what the next 40 years bring. Pretty sure the world won’t be able to handle it…in a good way!


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