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oh joy builds a house: our main bedroom!

oh joy builds a house: our master bedroom!

oh joy builds a house: our master bedroom!

We all spend A LOT of time in our bedrooms (sleeping, relaxing, getting ready for the day), so the bedroom for me needs to be peaceful space that still brings joy and surprise into it. Blues and greens have always been my go-to colors of choice when it comes to a relaxing space—maybe it’s the tie to the ocean or nature? But I find those shades to always feel just right. When working with Cleo and her team at Project M+ on our interiors, I wanted to create that dreamy vibe but also have a playful element as well.

oh joy builds a house: our master bedroom! / a cool, calm, and playful master bedroom

The base for the bedroom started with a textural and shimmery Calico wallpaper to add color and sheen to the space. It felt like it needed to sparkle just a little bit! From there, we added an accent of silver paint with warm, light woods, whites, and blues and mustard to accent those base colors.

1. Cedar & Moss side lamps, 2. Calico wallpaper in vapor, 3. Portola Royal Satin paint in Arrow, 4.  Lulu & Georgia nightstands, 5. Blu Dot Credenza from Wayfair, 6. Cedar and Moss Terra Surface pendant, 7. Sarah Sherman Samuel for Lulu & Georgia rug, 8. Lulu & Georgia velvet lumbar pillow.  

oh joy builds a house: our master bedroom! / inspiration

When thinking about the playful element, I’m always inspired by boutique hotels and restaurants because they tend to add in details you never see in someone’s home. I wanted something in this space that felt fun but also could endure over time and still work when we want to change up our bedding or add new colors to the space in the future. I’m constantly inspired by India Mahdavi’s retail design work and loved these seats from a couple of her retail projects.

oh joy builds a house: our master bedroom!

So, we created this scalloped headboard behind the bed that serves as the focal point of the room. I love the roundness of it and how it adds a soft edge to all the other straight-sided furniture pieces in the space. BUT, I don’t know if I want to keep the head board all in one color or do a mix of colors? Here are a few options I love from single color, to dual color, to ombre…what do YOU think?

P.S. You can see all past posts about my home build right here!

{Photos by Lily Glass. Construction by Boswell Construction, Architecture by Project M+, Interiors in collaboration with Cleo Murnane at Project M+. Renderings by Project M+. All other layouts by Joy Cho. My jumpsuit is Ace & Jig*, boots are Red Wing Heritage*.} 


  1. Initially I liked B mote, but I think A will probably hold up and feel more classic longer. So excited for you and your new home!

  2. Another vote for A. The other options are super fun but I think A will provide you with the longevity you need in a built in headboard. Plus you can change your linens/accessories to continue to bring joy and surprise to your room. Can’t wait to see the finish product!

  3. I liked B first because it looks softer/more peaceful and you said you wanted it to feel relaxing. The more I look at it, I think A because it’s dramatic and everything pops.

  4. A feels the most cozy and classy in my opinion. I think with the wall and bed you have enough color variation already and the contrast will make the shape of those curves pop out more. It’s really pretty!

  5. I am more drawn to C, I th ijnk because it is lighter. So really, my pick would be A in any of the other colours – the green in the example feels too dark and contrasting, the other colours feel more calming.

  6. I love the headboard no matter which one you choose! What will it be built out of? Wood? Fabric? My vote is A because it has a more classic look, but the round edges still make it playful. I’d maybe make it in a lighter color to be less stark. It would also look nice if you could add some gold to the headboard, maybe outline the scalloped edges to help tie the room together.

  7. A is classic
    B is playful
    I’d say A with some playful and unique pillow shapes and fabrics, possibly a little neon?

  8. I love A! Feels royal. And the watercolor background and scalloped edge is already soft and playful, feel like making the scallop columns different colors will be a little too much and ironically I’d personally get tired of it quicker.

  9. B. Gives you the option to go light or dark. Maybe in the spring summer, you can have lighter colored sheets and go darker in the fall and winter. Whatever you choose, I’m sure you will style it pretty.

  10. I am really surprised everyone was choosing
    A. To me it feels to dark.
    I like B the colors are calming and happy.
    I don’t like C at all it feels very unorganized.
    I realize I’m a little late to the Master Bedroom
    party but my choice is B!


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