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oh joy builds a house: our main closet!

oh joy builds a house: our master closet!

oh joy builds a house: our master closet!

I might be jumping for joy right now because this is the first room in our house that is currently pretty much complete! I can’t show you the full reveal just yet, but I’m excited to walk you through the process of designing our main closet! Come along with me for a magical journey…

oh joy builds a house: our master closet!

So, first things first! Here’s the closet I have had for the past 9 years. It’s served me really well as it’s super functional with cabinets and drawers that we had put in about five years ago. It’s helped me purge often to try and keep it from busting at the seams. But, let’s be honest…it’s still small, and I find myself unable to keep a full wardrobe in there.

I have off-season items and dressier pieces divided up between the back of my kids’ closet and at my office! Who keeps their clothes at work?! So, when we were designing our house way back when, I opted to have a smaller bedroom and a bigger closet. I honestly have no need for a giant bedroom or main suite. I really wanted to give that extra space to storage so that I could finally have the closet of my dreams!

oh joy builds a house: our master closet!

Here’s a look at all the dreamy materials! For this closet, we wanted it to feel special and sparkling, yet warm. While I typically defer to white cabinets, Cleo and her interiors team at Project M+ convinced me to go with a lighter wood to give it a warmer and richer feel for this space. To add some special details, I came across some magical wallpaper and added hardware to top it all off.

1. Drop It Modern Wallpaper in Wavelength Bomboleo (with glitter paper), 2. Studio Cope Wallpaper in Speckle Sea Glass, 3. Schaub and Company City Lights Knob, 4. California Closets in Natural, 5. Schaub and Company Haniburton Pull.

oh joy builds a house: our master closet!

For my section, we opted for the rainbow and jewel-like wallpaper shown above. It will peek through all the open areas and behind hanging clothes and shoes. For my husband’s section, we opted for the wallpaper behind to be a bit more subtle but still playful in it’s own way! I love the way  they complement each other, yet are still so very different!

I’m so excited to be working with California Closets on this main closet! I have always loved the way they put so much thought and function into designing  custom closets to maximize space and create functionality based on your individual needs. Our designer, Nicole Caswell, was incredible in making sure she designed it based on how we live and what made the most sense for each section.

oh joy builds a house: our master closet!Here’s a view of the closet from the top so you can see how it’s shaped. It’s sort of like a backwards “L”. The process of designing this closet with California Closets was surprisingly easy as their CAD technology made it super easy to visualize exactly what was being done!

Bob’s section is the upper left part. And my section is…..drumroll please…the REST of it! 😛 Well, not totally true. There are parts we are sharing with a hamper and an area to store our jewelry and watches. BUT, it’s definitely like a 70/30 split. To help us figure out the best use of space, our California Closets designer, Nicole, had us count how many pairs of shoes we had, roughly how many feet width of clothes we had at different lengths, and even how many pieces of folded clothes we generally had. It helped her to decide how much space would be for shoes and accessories, long clothes, shorter clothes, tees, jeans, etc. Also, when someone makes you count how many pairs of shoes you have, you realize maybe you have an actual SHOE PROBLEM!

oh joy builds a house: our master closet!

Here’s a look at Bob’s section with hanging areas for all of his hanging and dress clothes. He mostly wears dress clothes to work so those will hang while his casual folded clothes go to the right of that section. Corners always create an odd area for storage so it worked perfectly to be for his shoes. His folded clothes will go in the upper cabinet as well as the lower drawers in that section. To the right of that, we transition into my section with our shared hamper. From there, any off-season pieces can go above and my shoes to the far right!

oh joy builds a house: our master closet!

And, here is my favorite part where all my clothes will be stored and organized! I have never had this much hanging space EVER, and I’m excited to be able to see my clothes and be able to organize them in some way now.

oh joy builds a house: our master closet!

And here’s a tiny peek at what it looks light right now! Stay tuned for the full reveal after our house is finished. Plus, see my post over at Architectural Digest’s Clever today for things to consider when designing a closet!

This post brought to you in partnership with California Closets.

{Photos by Lily Glass. Construction by Boswell Construction, Architecture by Project M+, Interiors in collaboration with Cleo Murnane at Project M+. Closet Design and Renderings by California Closets. All other layouts by Joy Cho. My top is The Odells, boots are Red Wing Heritage*.}


  1. We are headed to California again today for my nieces farewell – she is going on an LDS mission to Chile so everyone is headed out to celebrate before she leaves! After our cali trip, we are home until October which will be sooo nice. Unless something work related pops up which could very well happen too, but I am looking forward original site to just having our normal routine at home for a while. This will be our new reality with Atticus in school! We always knew the day would come when he would start school and we wouldn’t be able to travel quite as much, so we did a ton of traveling while he was young and we got a lot of our travel bug out.

  2. Here’s a view of the closet from the top so you can see how it’s shaped. It’s sort of like a backwards “L”. The process of designing this closet with California Closets was surprisingly avast cleanup premium review


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