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5 Books to Start Off the Year…

5 books to start off the year... / via oh joy!

5 books to start off the year... / via oh joy!

Last year was the year I started reading books again! I know, you’re probably like…”What do you mean, Joy?!” Yes, folks..for several years, I stopped reading books. I mean, I skimmed books from time-to-time, and when I needed help on a topic (like parenting), I would gander through a book about it. But I mostly read articles—and with a rare exception—parenting books. But last year, I dove deeper…I read business books, mental health books, and mémoires. I just starting enjoying picking up a physical book again after a pretty long hiatus. I’m still not into fiction books, but I’ll take it one step at a time. So here are five books I have on my list right now to start the year with…

1) The Smoothie Project by Catherine McCord. While this one isn’t a reading book in the same way as the others, I have this one on my list for the habits that I want to gain from this beautiful and helpful recipe book. I’m always struggling with healthy breakfast and snack options, and Catherine’s book is both informational and inspirational.

2) Atomic Habits by James Clear. I’ve heard so many great things about this book, and I love that the tips can be applied to lots of things we want to improve in our lives.

3) Make Your Kid a Money Genius by Beth Kobliner. Money is one of the biggest stressors in adult’s lives, and I love what this book is helping us to do. I wish I knew more about money at a younger age, and I’m hoping this helps me have good and healthy conversations about money with my kids.

4) The Kids are in Bed by Rachel Bertsche. As many parents do (especially moms), we tend to put everyone else first and never give ourselves a break! This one helps you to explore how to take time for yourself and why it matters.

5) Feel It Out by Jordon Sondler created this super fun and perfectly quirky illustrated book to help you through lots of life’s ups and downs. I love that it’s an easy read that also reaches into your soul!

{Photo by Lily Glass. Concept/Production/Styling by Julia Wester, Production Assistance by Jess Hong. Written by Joy Cho.}



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