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happy friday + little treasures…

Oh Joy at the Long Beach Antique Market

Oh Joy at the Long Beach Antique Market

Happy Friday all! Last weekend, I took the kids to the Long Beach Antique Market (which is the 3rd Sunday of each month). I typically go to the Rosebowl Flea Market but missed it this month, so we tried Long Beach instead. While we didn't go needing anything (I am in serious purge-mode with my pending move after all), it always serves as great inspiration trip for me. I love old things with a story that feel unique and I can make my own.

Plus, it's fun way to teach my kids about money and interacting with people. I'll give my kids $10 each to spend. They can buy whatever they want, but cannot spend more than what they have. It teaches them to look people in the eye to ask them how much something is, give money and accept change if they want to make a purchase, and that the money eventually runs out so they have to choose their purchases wisely.

For this past trip, I didn't plan to buy anything but came across these pieces in our last 15 minutes there—a beautiful white and jeweled necklace and a bunch of amazing clip-on earrings. I'll wear the necklace exactly as it is. And, the clip-on earrings I'll pin to my shoes or perhaps a jacket? They pinch way too much to actually wear them on my ears! What else could you do with them? Any ideas?

Anyway, finding the jewelry was our last little treasure-hunting trip which turned out to be just enough until we all got hot and tired and needed to get lunch! Have a great weekend, all…see you soon!

(Photo by Joy Cho)


  1. I love turning antique jewelry (especially clip-ons and shoe buckles) into necklace pendants. Sometimes it’s as simple as threading a chain through the piece, sometimes you have to do a little surgery—subtracting clips and adding wire, but it results in something very unique.


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