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Valentine’s Day Inspo…

Valentine's Day Inspo... / via Oh Joy!

Valentine's Day Inspo... / via Oh Joy!

We love celebrating Valentine's Day! From sweet cards to tasty treats and everything in between, here are our ALL-TIME FAVORITE valentine ideas. If you're looking for some inspiration to tell all your family and friends just how much you love them, or if you need a fun idea that your little one can hand out to their classmates, keep reading… 

Bubble Valentine / via Oh Joy!

Bubble Valentine — We love non-candy valentine options, especially for the classroom! So here is a fun printable that you can wrap around a bottle of bubbles. Because who doesn't love bubbles!?

Heart Cookie Sandwiches / via Oh Joy!

Heart Cookie Sandwiches — Share the love with these heart-shaped cookie sandwiches! Make them to bring to school or work as a special treat.

Mini Valentine Brooch Bouquet / via Oh Joy!

Mini Valentine Brooch Bouquet — We love these mini valentine's brooch bouquets for teachers, co-workers, or besties! They're super easy to put together and are super fun to wear. 

Craft Kit / via Oh Joy!

Craft Kit — For your crafty valentine, give them this cool kit filled with crafting essentials! 

Valentine For your Boo / via Oh Joy!

Valentine for Your Boo — This is another fun printable and non-candy option for the kids! You can either use an entire box of bandaids, or you can use one bandaid to make a fun card that the entire classroom will love.

Valentine Biscotti / via Oh Joy!

Valentine Biscottis — For something sweet (but not too sweet!), give confetti biscotti to your nearest and dearest. 

Pop-Up Valentine / via Oh Joy!

Pop-Up Valentine — This is a simple and fun heart pop-up card to make that's sure to bring a smile to your valentine!

A Candy Terrarium / via Oh Joy!

A Candy Terrarium — Fill jars with candy and a cute toy for your mini me to gift to friends. We call them candy terrariums!

Glitter Heart Bud Vase / via Oh Joy!

Glitter Heart Bud Vase — Looking for a sparkly gift for a co-worker or friend? Try these glitter heart bud vases

Valentine Printable / via Oh Joy!

Valentine Printable — For another great candy alternative valentine, try this printable to pair with some fun heart or star-shaped sunglasses.

Friendship Bracelets / via Oh Joy!

Friendship Bracelets — Floral friendship bracelets? Yes please! Try making these with your friends for a sweet Galentine's gathering, or surprise them with one of their own on Valentine's Day.


Kiss Me Funfetti Cookies — We call these "kiss me" funfetti cookies, and they're perfect for Valentine's Day! 

{Photos by Casey Brodley and Lily Glass. Concepts/Production/Styling by Julia Wester, Production Assistance by Jess Hong. Written by Traci Michael.}



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