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be curious activity: write letters to friends and your community…

be curious activity: write letters to friends and your community...

be curious activity: write letters to friends and your community...

This week while home with your kids, we have a new great way we can create a ray of sunshine while inciting curiosity about what our loved ones might also be doing during this time. This is our weekly activity inspired by our BE CURIOUS! book launching soon and ways to bring out creativity and curiosity especially right now. 

Write Letters to Friends, Family and Your Community

Social distancing has left all of us dependent on old and news ways of communication to say hello to friends and family whether across the street or across the country.  We want to stay intentional about being in contact with those we love and keep our relationships even when distance separates us. So at our house, the girls are video-calling their grandparents in Philly and their uncle in San Francisco more then ever. They're also writing letters to their friends at school, and in my new role as "home school teacher", we are emailing our professional teachers quite often to submit homework, ask questions, and stay in touch. Here are some other ways you share your love and friendship with those you miss!

Pop-Up Heart Card

1) Make a pop-up heart card.  Put a DIY spin on your snail-mail and have a special heart card delivered to those you love.  You can find the full tutorial here.

Gift Kit for Neighbors

2) Neighbor Kit. Have extra basic supplies on hand?  Make a cute kit for a neighbor that might be in a vulnerable category right now who needs our help more than ever. You can find some fun ideas here for DIY-ing your own container (and maybe add in a roll of TP!)

Oh Joy for Erin Condren Stationery

3) Write letters to your local nursing home.  Currently, all nursing home and assisted living homes have closed their doors to visitors. Call around your community to see if one in your neighborhood is accepting mail. Then draw a picture, write a poem, make a collage, write a letter, or do anything you can to send someone JOY who is might be lonely right now. (You might even ask some questions and get a return letter back! Be Curious…you might just find your next pen pal!). 

Have any other ideas for sending love across the distance? Share them in the comments here!

(Photos by Lily Glass and Casey Brodley, styling by Julia WesterProduction Assistance by Jess Hong.)


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