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give your wardrobe an at-home refresh!

Emroider Clothes - Oh Joy!

Emroider Clothes - Oh Joy!

Right now, everyone seems to be focused in the craft and creativity space for kids, but no one is focused on adult crafting and creativity as a way to relieve stress and to do something fun and engaging with your hands during quarantine. So today we wanted to round up a few of our favorite Oh Joy! projects to get you crafting and finding joy with an activity that’s just for you! Plus, you might just come out of it with a fun wardrobe refresh…

Emboridered Shirt Edges - Oh Joy!

A Little Embroidered Detail – For collars, cuffs, or edges, we did this DIY is on shirts, but can be used on any piece of clothing (even socks and scarves!) or on your home decor as well (think napkins and table runners).  See the full tutorial here!

Or if you’re looking to add a fun phrase or symbol (see first photo), check out that tutorial here!

Popcorn Knit How To - Oh Joy!

Add Popcorn Knots – This works best on chunky weave clothing like sweaters and cardigans (or maybe your favorite blanket). Check our the blog post for the full how-to…

Splatter Paint Clothing - Oh Joy!

Splatter Paint Clothing - Oh Joy!

Splatter Paint – Take your denim jacket (or backpack) or anything that needs a literal splatter of color and add paint, and go wild!

Let us know if you end up making any of these projects..we would love to see them!

(Photos by Lily Glass, Concept and styling by Julia WesterProduction and Styling Assistance by Jess Hong.)


  1. I love painting but haven’t tried yet doing it to clothes or bag. Maybe, this is the best time to do some wardrobe designing .


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