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make a poster of your monthly baby photos!

make a poster of your monthly baby photos!

make a poster of your monthly baby photos!

If you're a parent, you may have taken monthly photos of your baby during their first year. It's such a fun tradition and a tangible way to show how much your baby grows in their first twelve months.  But then we often have them stuck on our phone or only on our social media and don't get a change to display them. Why not make a beautiful photo poster?! Here we have Dave and Julia's son, Bodhi, in his first year using our Mixbook holiday cards. See how here…

Oh Joy for Mixbook Holiday Card

The great thing about our Mixbook cards is how easy they are to edit.  ALL of the text is able to change, or even be deleted! Here we used our Holiday Dots Card and changed "Joyfully Yours" to the month and then completely deleted the family names section. And these cards are available to purchase as singles, so the twelve different month images can come as twelve separate cards. 

make a poster of your monthly baby photos!

make a poster of your monthly baby photos!

We decided to do a fun color-block that reversed the color-block on the printed card. That way everything looks cohesive without being "too matchy" and looks great from far away and up close.

make a poster of your monthly baby photos!

Once you have your cards, simply make even cut-outs in your poster board or colored paper and pop in a poster frame!  You'll have a cute new print for your home that is especially meaningful for your family and your babe as they grow up seeing their baby pictures displayed.  

What are some other fun ideas you've had with your monthly photos?  Share below!

(Photos by Lily Glass, Concept and styling by Julia WesterProduction and Styling Assistance by Jess Hong.)


  1. This is so cute! I have a niece, 3 months old, and my cousin keeps on taking photos of her to make a collage like this too!


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