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my favorite online print shops!

my favorite online print shops / oh joy!

my favorite online print shops / oh joy!

I'm currently working on finishing touches to our home like adding artwork to walls and other fun details! I'm not quite at the point of being able to afford all original art, so we have mostly prints in our home. In my research for print art, I've come across so many great sites (some introduced to me by Cleo from Project M+) and artists where you can buy prints for reasonable prices…some come framed and some don't. Since I typically like getting prints framed before they arrive to me, I'll often order and send them to Simply Framed, otherwise, I tend to have a pile of prints in rolls just sitting there forever. Here are some of my favorites right now…

For adult spaces (above): 1. Coneflower from Juniper Print Club (from $20), 2. Bored print by Marta Fromme for Fine Little Day from The Poster Club (from $63), 3. Sunset Vibes by LouLou Avenue from The Poster Club (from $49), 4. Hazel by Arielle Vey (from $20), 5. Lola Donahue print (from $120), Hayley Mitchell face print (from $30).

my favorite online print shops / oh joy!

For kids' spaces (or any space really): 7. Hotel Magique "Wake Up, No Thank You" print (from $20), 8. Simple Virtues by Erin Jang from House That Lars Built (from $20), 9. Carolyn Gavin hair print ($20), 10. Rainbow print by Samantha Hahn ($65), 11. Maggie Stephenson print from The Jungalow (from $40), 12. Cool Boyz Club by Max Machen from Print Club London (from $140).

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  1. Joy, Thank you so much for the love. We’re such fans and love seeing so much great art arrive to our factories daily. xx Dara – Founder of Simply Framed


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