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in my last few days of 40…

Oh Joy!

Oh Joy!

As I count down the last few days of my 40th year, it will be a very different birthday this year for sure. I can't believe I am saying this, but in the last few weeks…I've been happy again.

I spent the first month (or two) of quarantine being sad and angry over the life that was supposed to be happening right now for all of us…the things we were supposed to be doing, the places we were supposed to be going to, and the people we were supposed to be seeing, celebrating, hugging…

And then I realized, had that life that was "supposed to be" actually happened, I would have never spent so much unfiltered time with my family. Never would I have seen my kids' personalities blossom in the ways I have seen in the last 3 months with them home from school. Never would I have reconnected with the joy I once had in the kitchen where I now see cooking as enjoyable instead of something annoying. Never would I have felt SO grateful to have a home to sleep in and our health which I always took for granted.

I would have just gone on with that life that was supposed to be. These feelings are vastly different than those I wrote you a couple months ago. And that's not to say they won't change again…this is an ocean wave we're all riding together after all. But in this moment…right now..I am choosing to enjoy this alternate normal and all the things it has taught me.

Have a great weekend, friends…! What are YOU enjoying right now?

(Photo by Max Wanger for his series "Through the Looking Glass")


  1. It was so difficult becoming a full time teacher/stay at home mom/chef/cleaner of two kids while 6 months pregnant. I was so exhausted the first few weeks. But the husband/wife teamwork is now better than ever, and I have been so so so thankful for this extended time with my two kiddos before the new baby changes our family forever in 6ish weeks. I’ve loved watching my kids become better friends and playmates (there’s still tons of screaming) but they love being together and playing together.

  2. This exact sentiment also struck me after a couple of weeks home feeling total anxiety, stress and fear. Daycare was closed which meant an extremely busy toddler home with minimal places to let out his energy. Working from home with said toddler. Being pregnant and worried about what the future meant for this baby. Worried about my parents health, and on and on.
    And then I woke up one morning and realized that I wasn’t paying attention to all the little things that had been gifted to me amidst the chaos. No rushing out the door to get to daycare on time. No running to work and standing on my feet for hours, while pregnant and exhausted. We have a delicious dinner together every evening as a family which often in the weekdays used to be more focused on making sure my son got something (anything!) to fill his belly before bed.
    We were given the gift of time. While I know many are suffering through this period in life and my heart truly goes out to them, I think its especially important to be thankful for all that we do have. And I truly believe I will look back at this and remember the extra time as a family.

  3. You guys bring me JOY! Seeing everyone’s stories makes things more real in these unreal times. Grateful for the old and new connections. Wishing you an absolutely awesome and loved birthday to celebrate with your family and friends from everywhere around the world.
    Joy Lim


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