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masks for kids!

masks for kids!

masks for kids!

With COVID-19 cases quickly rising again here in the US, many states have mandated that masks should be worn for ages 2 and up when outside of your home in a community setting. It's the easiest and safest way to protect ourselves and others. There are a growing number of great options for kids, so here are a few of my favorites! Since masks should be washed after each day worn, we have a handful for each of our kids so that we always have clean ones available.

1. The Mighty Company glitter face masks (3 for $55, ages 6-11, one mask donated for every mask sold and 20% of profits to NAACP Legal Defense Fund), 2. Kira Kids star mask ($10, ages 7-12), 3. Kira Kids tie dye (2 for $16.50, ages 3-6), 4. School Mask Pack (pre-order 5 for $30), 5. Mochi Kids happy mask ($19.50, one mask donated with each purchase), 6. We Are Aurora Masks (located in South Africa), 7. Cubcoats (2 masks for $13, ages 4+, 10% donated to Feeding America).


  1. Hi,
    I am a longtime lover of your blog and just received the email about masks for kids. I am also a coordinator for a large mask making group in Illinois and have ties to several large mask making groups in the US. I really appreciate the mask advocacy and there are a lot of push back on mask wearing especially for kids. The one thing I would like to point out is that a good mask that gives the most protect is 100% cotton that is tight woven. Studies prove that other kinds of materials are not as good at filtering. Second, be very careful about suggestion glitter kinds of fabrics that will be covering people’s mouths and that they will be breathing through. All fabrics are not safe to breathe through for a long period of time and glittery fabrics can be made with sharp (on terms of the inside of your lungs) kinds of thread which is woven into the fabric to cause the reflections, those particles being embedded in the printing ink or chemicals that we know nothing about but would not wash out but your child would be breathing through. Safe is best. Cotton with a non glittery look is safe to breathe through once you wash it in a hot dryer, no unknown chemicals and the dye or ink will not have sharp particles. We re donate all metallic or glittery fabric that we receive and any that we can see through and/or is not 100% cotton. Thanks for all you do, Beth

  2. Thank you for the pro mask post! My company, Peas and Queues, also sells kids masks, made of 100 percent woven cotton, with a wire at the top and pocket for a filter. Cute and colorful prints are available!
    They are all ethically made in Los Angeles
    We have regular and XL sizes too!

  3. We bought the Cubcoats ones and they are super cute, but they were much too big for my preschoolers. They fit me but I also have a small face.

  4. Hi Brianne,
    Thanks for sharing! The masks for the smaller kids is definitely a tougher find than for bigger kids.

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