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my favorite power rings!

Oh Joy! Power Rings

Oh Joy! Power Rings

My favorite accessory right now is what I like to call a Power Ring. It's typically a bolder or oversized ring (but one that is still comfortable to wear) that feels fun and makes you smile. Here are some of my favorites in a range in price points, both new and vintage—some are novelty and some are investments you'll want to keep forever.

Sources: left to right, top to bottom: Julia Vaughn Edie Ring ($78)*, One Five Six Jewelry Smiley Face and Daisy Rings ($98), Roam Vintage Serafina Ring ($138)*, Wow That's Beautiful Aqua Ring ($44), Ariel Gordon Pave Letter Ring ($2350), Maya Brenner x Sarah Hendler Pearl Ring ($650), Wow That's Beautiful Black and Gold Ring ($79). (*BIPOC-owned)

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