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New Year, New Website!

This year for me is really about seeing through some of the things that never happened in 2020 (and the things I still want to see through). One of those projects was our updated website which I’m excited to finally share with you now…

2020 was the year that lots of projects that were “supposed to happen” fell by the wayside…for better or for worse. Normally I would go into the new year with very lofty goals. But to be honest, last year really tested me (and all of us). It changed how we view ourselves, our families, and the world. So this year for me is really about seeing through some of the things that never happened in 2020 (and the things I still want to see through). One of those projects was our updated website which I’m excited to finally share with you now! Here’s what you can look forward to over here this year and new things you can find on our brand new site:

New logo…
I never thought that I would change or update my logo as I always advocate for designing something for your business that will last over time. When I designed the original Oh Joy! logo in 2005, I was in my late 20’s and just starting my business with no idea what it would become. It has served us so well. But here we are 15 years years later, and it was time for the a refresh! After a life-changing year—both personally and professionally—I have a better idea of who I am (and who my brand is) now. So it made sense to give our new website a new logo at the same time. I worked with my friend Cleo of Project M+ to help redesign the Oh Joy! logo and this entire new site.

Waaaay Better functionality…
You can now sort our 15 years of posts by category and sub-category if you’re looking for particular topics. Or, if you’re coming for something specific, our search function (top right) will find it for you! Our previous search was a full disaster due to the limitations of our former blog hosting platform. I’m so happy that now when you search, you’ll see results that match as well as a visual preview of the post or item! We’ve been working closely with our long-time programmers at Deko to get the site up and running smoothly!

My house reveal
Finally! (I know!). After sharing process and plans with you starting back in 2018, I had expected that 2020 would be the year I could show you what came of all those years of hard work. But 2020 wasn’t the right time for several reasons (logistically and emotionally), and I’m excited that you’ll finally get to see the culmination of the six years it took to build my family’s first (and forever) home. Feel free to take a look back at the journey, and get ready for reveals coming very soon!

Everyday Style Posts…
With COVID-19 still being very real and present, I have been very limited in working with our freelancers in the past year. Which means I haven’t done the types of style posts like I’ve done in the past. Most of my photos are by me and on my phone. They are not as professional or as finessed as if we could have our photographer here all the time, but we’re making do! In an effort to help you find items that are the same or similar to the outfits I show, you’ll be able to Shop The Look within future blog posts or in the Daily Looks section.

A Shop Section…
Although we closed our actual online shop last year, my love for sharing my favorite things with you still remains. If you click on “Shop” above in the main navigation, you’ll find all of our Oh Joy! products as well as a curation of my favorite things in a mix of categories and a range of price points. All of those items allow you to click over to the site you can buy them from. For some of those items, we do use affiliate links which means that we earn a commission if you purchase it!

All the Things I Still Love and Want to Share…
As the Oh Joy! team is the smallest we have been in a decade, we’re operating the blog in a similar way as it began…from the gut. As I have ideas I’m inspired by and want to share with you, you’ll see them here. We no longer have a set editorial calendar, but there will always be new content here every week. It will be a mix things I love (as it’s always been)—including home decor and fashion inspiration, highlighting makers and other small businesses, small business guidance and tips from me, and announcements on Oh Joy! products and launches. We will continue to focus heavily on supporting BIPOC and women-owned businesses. We will continue to create sponsored content both here and on social media as that supports all of the other work we can do for you at no cost. If there’s anything else you want to see from me here, please leave a comment below!

Also, as the site is brand new and some kinks are still being worked out, feel free to tell us in the comments if you see anything that seems missing or works weird—we are open to all your comments!

Thank you for being here! Your support means the world to me…


  1. It looks so pretty! Thanks for always being so real, honest and relatable – always but especially during this challenging time.

  2. Joy – I usually just browse but I wanted to finally comment to congratulate you on your new design and ask if you could please include a post (or better yet…series of posts!) featuring your new home this year? Your loyal readers have been patiently waiting for the reveal. 🙂 A tour of the finished product would be awesome as I’m sure it reflects your unique taste and style. I really admire you and all your positive content. Thank you so much. All the best to you and your family in 2021.

    PS – since you mentioned you are new to stockings, I recommend scooping up little items here and there throughout the year to set aside for Christmas. Now is a great time to get marked down holiday themed goodies for next year. I learned this trick from my wise mom. I label a Ziploc bag for each person…if it starts getting too full, some of the items might be switched from stocking stuffers to actual gifts instead. This is also a useful practice for people I ship gifts to and don’t see in person. I hope this tip helps. <3

    1. Hi Janelle! Thanks so much for your nice comments and suggestions! Yes, the reveals will start this week…one room at a time so we will be spreading them out over a few months! I so appreciate your patience. If you follow along here or on Instagram, you’ll see when they are live! As for the stockings, great suggestion!

  3. Congratulations Joy for this new and super nice website! I’ve been following your creative journey from the beginning 😉 so amazing to see all the wonderful projects you’ve done and how you have kept evolving so beautifully.
    I look forward to following the next step of Oh Joy this coming year!

    1. Thank you so much Julie! I’m so happy to know you all these years and hope to see you again in the future next time I can visit France!

  4. The new site looks beautiful, and I love hearing your thinking behind the blog for 2021. All of your reflections from 2020 resonate so much for me. Everything has changed! So I love that you’re acknowledging this and yet still moving forward with style, beautiful content, and support of BIPOC and women content/businesses. Thank you for keeping your blog going — it’s a source of inspiration and light!

  5. Congrats on the site refresh, Joy! It looks absolutely beautiful. Looking forward to seeing what’s up your sleeves for this new chapter. 💕

  6. This is so exciting for so many reasons! I have been here almost from the beginning and this refresh, and the inspiration for a new beginning is coming at a perfect time for me as well. I love the new look and am excited to see what is to come!

  7. I love the new look! So modern and fresh 🙂 Curious how you decided on the blue color, as it’s so different from the mint, blush, and gold colors I associate with your brand!


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