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House Reveal: The Living Room

I’m so excited to start blasting you with reveals! We started this project in 2014, so to say it’s been a long time coming is an understatement. First up is our living room! It mixes function, comfort, and style in a way I truly love so much…

I’m so excited to start blasting you with reveals! We started this project in 2014, so to say it’s been a long time coming is an understatement. Moving into a new house during a pandemic is the weirdest thing. It gave us lots of extra time to move in, unpack, and settle in quickly. But none of our friends or family have come INSIDE our house…and we’ve been here for almost a year!

First up is our living room! The living room is one of the main hang out spaces of the home. We intentionally only have one living room—not the traditional formal living room and family room that some people have. We didn’t have the space to have two, so we wanted to make the most of the one we do have. It mixes function, comfort, and style in a way I truly love so much…

Here’s a look back along the way and my inspiration process blog post about this living room from a couple years ago when we were designing it.

Photo by Bethany Nauert. Sources: Wood panel exterior by Humboldt Redwood*, Pavers by Concrete Collaborative*, Pineview Slope Black and Gold Outdoor Wall Light by Lamps Plus*.

Our house was designed to maximize the indoor and outdoor flow from the yard to the main living spaces which includes the living room. The windows can fully open to enjoy the Los Angeles weather and will be amazing when we can finally have friends and family over.

Photo by Bethany Nauert. Sources: Floors by Mohawk* for Wayfair (in Beachwood), Tumwater Surface Light Fixtures by Cedar and Moss*, Outdoor Pavers by Concrete Collaborative*, brass railings are custom.

Because the back of the house is built into the hill, there are no windows on the rear side. Our architect, McShane Murnane, added light wells throughout. A light well is basically a sky light that goes from the top floor roof all the way down to the bottom floor. And, it serves as the perfect nook for this giant plant!

This desk area is probably my favorite part of the space as it combines functional storage and an area that I can display items that stay out of reach of small kids (and a puppy!). I have a huge collection of artwork made by friends, colleagues, and artists I’ve come across online, so the large open shelves give plenty of space to style and layer all of my favorite pieces. Cleo, who I worked with on interiors, designed this amazing custom cabinetry piece which we had built.

Photo by Bethany Nauert. Sources: Cane 21 Chairs by Industry West* (in black); Desk is custom; Sidnie Lamp by Schoolhouse Electric* (in natural brass), Mod Hex Drawer Pulls by Emtek. Art and Accessories Top to Bottom, Left to Right: Yarnnakarn Vessels, Collage Print – #88 by Dudes Think Pink, Female Bust Vase by Floral Art LA, Giraffe bookends – vintage, Floral painting  by Jenny Vorwaller, Swan vase by Anthropologie (past season), Face Planter by A Ways Away, Photo Print by Max Wanger, Endless Love Green by Sandra Poliakov for Society6, Photo Print by Bonnie Tsang. Cotton Candy Magic Print by Joy Cho, Raw Earth Plant Stand Pot Rock by Angus & Celeste* (in salt pink) No3 Fine Art Print by Kitty McCall, Print by The Marbles framed by Simply Framed (in gallery white), Vintage Beaded Cover, May Day Print by Hayley Mitchell* framed by Simply Framed (in gallery white).

This desk was originally designed to serve as a simple at-home desk for me (when outside of my usual office) as well as a place for our kids to do homework. But it has turned into my kids’ distant learning desk and came in handy just when we had to make that pandemic pivot last year in 2020.

When it comes to displaying art and accessories, a mix of framed flat art, dimensional objects, functional vessels, and books line the shelves. I love that these shelve are ever-evolving. I move things around, add to them, and rotate as I add to my collection. It even looks a bit different today than it did when we took these photos last Fall!

Photo by Bethany Nauert. Sources: Chair by The Jungalow from Lulu & Georgia* (past season), Custom Yarn Art Installation by Kate Crowley-Gilbert, Arrangement Pillow 04 by Alex Proba, Lamp by Lulu & Georgia* (past season), Terrazzo Plant Stand by Folia Collective, and Monstera Deliciosa Plant by Folia Collective.
Photo by Bethany Nauert. Sources: Chair by The Jungalow from Lulu & Georgia* (past season), Arrangement Pillow 04 by Alex Proba, Lamp by Lulu & Georgia* (past season), Terrazzo Plant Stand by Folia Collective, and Monstera Deliciosa Plant by Folia Collective. Ibiza 4 Door Credenza by Modshop* for Wayfair, Mr. People Person Rug by Block Shop* (in orchid)
Photo by Bethany Nauert. Sources: Chair by The Jungalow from Lulu & Georgia* (past season), Pilea vase Fine Art Giclée by Kitty McCall, Outdoor Pavers by Concrete Collaborative*.

On the other side of the living room is the main seating area which includes a main couch (shown below) and two swivel chairs. It’s a great way to have a space that allows for socializing and conversation when guests are over but also serves our daily functions, too, when we’re watching a movie or show together on a typical evening.

Photo by Bethany Nauert. Sources: Ceiling by Coastal Allure Oak Engineered Hardwood Flooring by Mohawk Flooring for Wayfair* (in white); Wall Paint by Clare Paint* (in Classic); Pillows (from L-R): Arrangement Pillow 03 by Proba, Sabine Velvet Bolster Pillow by Lulu and Georgia*, Lumbar Pillow by Anthropologie (past season), Charlotte Velvet Lumbar Pillow by Lulu and Georgia* (in mustard); Couch Charley Sleeper by Interior Define* (in malachite mod velvet), Coffee Marble Table by Sunbeam Vintage, Berta Side Table by Lulu and Georgia* (in black) (past season), Mr. People Person Rug by Block Shop* (in orchid).
Photo by Bethany Nauert. Sources: Dress by Rhode (past season), Vintage Necklace from Julia Vaughn.

Here’s me pretending like I actually lounge like this on the floor :P. I love the colors of this space. It all started with the emerald velvet couch and we accessorized from there. The Interior Define sectional is also a pull-out bed so we could maximize and future-proof for guests!

We have kids and pets, so it was important to choose a color that wouldn’t get dirty too quickly. But I also wanted a true color (and not a neutral). We chose this amazing green in velvet because it looks chic but also wipes up easily should there be an occasional spill.

Ever since I had kids, I’ve always gone with round coffee tables and side tables. They are much safer for kids (who could potentially fall or bump their heads) and avoid extra corners. My kids are now older and would be fine without it, but for me, it’s just one more thing I like to do to make spaces a bit more kid-friendly (but still chic) when possible.

Having a space you love means so much to me…especially a room you’re in a lot! And remember, it IS possible to combine function and style. If you have any other comments or questions, let me know!

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Reveal photos: Bethany Nauert
Progress photos (shown in slideshow): Lily Glass
Design: Joy Cho with Cleo Murnane of Project M Plus
Styling: Cleo Murnane of Project M Plus
Architecture: Project M Plus
Construction: Boswell Construction
My Dress: Rhode (past season)
Hair and Makeup: Danielle Walch

All furniture and materials sources noted within captions below photos. *Indicates an item that was designer discounted or gifted to us in exchange for coverage on Oh Joy. All opinions are my own. Please leave a comment if we missed anything you would like to know the source of!


  1. Joy!!! It’s so beautiful! I’m so happy for you. And not gonna lie- I immediately googled those wicker side chairs.

    Beautiful job creating your own cozy/sunny space!

  2. being able to open your doors and have that indoor/outdoor flow is what makes california the promised land. i can practically smell the star jasmine. congrats joy! the house looks so great.

  3. What a lovely room! We also have a large wall of glass windows/doors that lead to the backyard. I’ve wanted to upgrade to the fully extended or lanai doors, but am worried about bugs/flies getting into the house. How do you manage without a screen door?!

    1. Hi AP! We had screens installed. So it’s a double set and we use the screens to help with potential bugs. I’m so glad we did!

  4. It’s GORGEOUS!!! Love your use of color — especially the green velvet couch with the lilac rug…brilliant.

    Remember when you hated purple? Now I feel like it’s my new favorite color and I need a purple rug!!!

  5. I love these rich colors and textures in your living room. The velvet couch looks so luxurious and the the colors are so cheerful for a family room. I am pinning this for design inspiration.

  6. Aaahh it’s so cozy and welcoming! the amount of light that came in really feels like something that money can’t buy I mean omg!!!

  7. This makes me happy because I have a turquoise couch and have been having couch-color regret given that it seems like all living rooms now are fully in neutrals. I’ve been having a hard time finding pics of brightly colored living rooms for inspiration as I redecorate that space.

    1. Hi Wally! Love that you have a turquoise couch – and agreed about how common neutrals are now. But we’re glad you’re embracing color and hope you find some fun inspiration from this room for your decor.

  8. I am really interested at the chairs at your desk but didn’t see a source, Yes please. Love what you do and how you do it!

  9. Beautiful! What is the name of the plant in the center of your shelves, with the red trailing vines? Thank you!

  10. Gorgeous, elevated, yet breathable! Thank you for sharing your lovely home, Joy! Also, I must say: my fav photo is of your (is s/he a tortie?) doing the catwalk in that sleek hallway. Haha, a fitting home for such a royal!

  11. Love all of this! Congrats!! Looks amazing!
    So curious… in regards to the wood floors in the living room reveal… Would you please be able to confirm/clarify exactly what color was used because the article cites the wood color as “white” one time and as “beachwood white” another (super grateful for that info!) but just a tad confused as to which color it is exactly. Clicked to research but that brand has several “whites” within that one line. :-/ I’m obviously on the hunt for a specific light wood color and that one is perfect so would love to match it if possible! 🙂 Would super duper appreciate it the 411! Thank you and lots of joy in your new space! 😉

  12. I have been following you on this wonderful journey. I was thrilled when I saw that you had incorporated two of my passions: Giraffes (book ends) and purple (I love anything purple, that rug is amazing!). So happy for you and your family and that you are safe and thriving in your new home.

  13. I think this may be my favorite room!
    I can’t believe how hard it is “working” (virtual school, family lounge, elegant parlor, light-filled greenspace) while being so restful, playful, joyful!
    The colors are amazing… with all the light and spaces for the eye to rest, I feel immediately serene and at ease, and then the variety and interplay of the color elements start to dance in lovely balance.
    Thank you for sharing this inspiring room for creative living.


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