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Los Angeles

Oh Joy Day Trip: Chinatown

I visited some spots in Los Angeles’ Chinatown to share the life and love in this part of town…

It’s been a bit since we’ve had an Oh Joy! Day Trip here with everything closed over the past year, but I’m excited to be able to safely explore Los Angeles again! Many retail areas of Los Angeles have been affected by the pandemic from loss of income and limited business over the past year, but specifically Asian-owned businesses (like those in Chinatown) have been extra affected due to the Anti-Asian hate happening across the country. I visited some spots in Los Angeles’ Chinatown to share the life and love in this part of town…

Paper Please
938 N. Hill Street, Los Angeles / Friedia and Christine are the owners of Paper Please and part of a new generation of small businesses owners wanting to bring business and income back to Los Angeles’ Chinatown. They are passionate about the area and paying homage to all the businesses around them who have been in the neighborhood for decades. Their shop is filled with stationery, gifts, and other incredibly cute objects that also honor fellow AAPI makers. Find them right here.

Thank You Coffee
938 N. Hill Street, Los Angeles / This little coffee shop has a pop-up space currently within Paper Please. I am obsessed with their lattes and actually got TWO within an hour’s time 😛 Find them right here.

Sesame LA
936 N. Hill Street, Los Angeles / Right next door, Sesame LA is a modern superette filled with condiments, pantry staples, groceries, and Vietnamese prepared foods by the owner’s mom (which I got and loved!). Find them here.

Right now, lots of shops in Chinatown seem closed still post-pandemic or running with more limited hours. But take a walk around to see the love and joy that went into this area and the rebirth that is happening. It offers a slew of inspiration and plenty of decades-old shops you’ll want to pop into and support.

Parallel to N. Hill St. on N. Broadway are Chinese bakeries, restaurants, and shops that are filled with delicious and festive treats a plenty. Take an afternoon, explore, and leave with lots of goodies that support a small business!

Special thanks to my friend, Bonnie Tsang, who inspired me to come visit recently!


  1. Great colors!!!😍 you are so lucky to have those kind of neighborhoods! It’s like going on a trip without having to take the plane!!!😄 we don’t have Chinatown in Brussels or in other Belgian cities… I went to Chinatown in San Fransisco a long time ago and it was so fun!!! Anyway enjoy and good luck to all those business owners!!!🤞🙏🏻


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