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Joy's House

A Peaceful and Joyful Place to Sleep

Here are some ways that I’ve created a functional and luxurious bedroom, while emphasizing both quality and comfort…

[This post is made in partnership with Stearns & Foster. I am honored to be part of their Design Council for their 175th anniversary!]

As I’ve fully dived into my 40’s, every year I value comfort and quality more and more. This goes for both my wardrobe and the pieces that I put in my home. In your 20’s, you get whatever you can afford even if it won’t last long. But after a while, you’re better at knowing what’s worth spending money on. Sleep is one of those things I value more than ever, so surrounding myself with pieces that will help make my sleep experience better is truly such a must for my mental health and to be the best version of myself for my family. Here are some ways that I’ve created a functional and luxurious bedroom, while emphasizing both quality and comfort…

1. A Great Mattress
This will with no doubt be the most expensive piece of furniture in your bedroom when focusing on quality and durability. We have all slept on those $100 mattresses in our youth. Now, I’m willing to invest in a high-quality mattress because it’s much better for my back (and my sleep!), and it will last for a decade or more. I’ve been working with Stearns & Foster over the last year and have been sleeping on this Reserve Hepburn mattress which is basically my new best friend. As soon as the kids go to bed, I chill here for most evenings. These beds are not made until you place an order and are each inspected and overseen by master craftsmen who, I can vouch for personally, make a really quality product. The mattress is soft, yet firm, and works well both for me (who runs cold) and my husband (who runs hot) as it has several “comfort layers” with memory foam and a natural cooling system that keeps air vented.

2. Comfy Bedding to Mix and Match
One of my favorite ways to bring color and pattern to any bedroom is through the bedding. I love getting a few sets that can be mixed and matched and changed up each time I do laundry or seasonally when I’m ready for a change. By now, I’ve tested so many comforters, pillows, and types of sheets that I know what I most prefer and can look out for those qualities in the future when needing a new set. Do you like a more fluffy pillow or a firm one? Do you like to sleep with lighter blankets or heavier ones? Do you like lighter cotton or heavier linen? Note your preferences so you can create the most comfy sleep for yourself.

3. A Night Stand That Holds Your Essentials
I’m very picky when it comes to nightstands because I need a place to quickly stash random things I don’t want to leave out, and I love one that’s big enough to hold some of my nighttime essentials. A nightstand like this one is my favorites with a mix of closed drawers and an open shelf with a good size surface on top! Here I can stow away small towels, hair ties, slippers, or lotion while keeping things like my current reads, tissues, and lip balm quickly accessible.

4. Objects and Decor That Bring You Joy
On top of my nightstand, a few of my essentials include: A great plant, a sound machine, and my snack bin (yes, that lidded jar holds snacks I might need during a binge session of my Korean dramas). I’ve also surrounded myself with bright and happy artwork as well as books that have inspired me. A happy space to be is a happy space to sleep!

What else brings you comfort and joy when you’re resting and sleeping?

*This post is in partnership with Stearns and Foster. Thanks for supporting the brands that support my small business!

Photos by Lily Glass


  1. wow that headboard is soooo beautiful! Also looks comfortable to rest on while reading or watching tv! is it a product or is it diy??

  2. Your home brings me so much joy and inspiration! Thanks for sharing these beautiful details of your life. Could you please share where you got your custom made headboards? It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for!


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