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13 Daily Essentials I’m Loving…

Here are some things I’m currently using everyday (or very often) and love…

Here are some things I’m currently using everyday (or very often) and love…

01. Floatly Bras (and undies!) – These are seriously the most comfy underwear I’ve worn in a while. They have great coverage and support while being so light and easy – particularly on these hot summer days.

02. Tea Drops Thai Tea – How could I have an “essentials” list without tea or boba?! This at-home kit is perfect for getting a delicious iced Thai tea (and there is a boba version, too!).

03. Pillow Cube – I’m constantly searching for the perfect pillow that will help support my sleep, and I’ve been using this one for the past few months and love it. Your head melds to it as you lay and really does form to your body. It’s best for someone who doesn’t move around too much while sleeping so you can really enjoy that custom feel. The shape is not standard to a typical pillow case but will fit inside your existing cases.

04. Baggu Totes – I have a ton of these bags, and while reusable totes (or Baggu) are not new, I find them to be the most durable and easy to clean. They come in lots of fun patterns and hold all my groceries!

05. Pixi Glow Tonic Serum – I used serums for moisturizing because they are light and often suited for anti-aging. And Pixi is one of my favorites!

06. Odele shampoo and conditioner is a wonderful, clean brand I’ve started using recently. And, it doesn’t hurt that the packaging is beautiful, too.

07. Coco & June Plant-Based Yogurt – Being sensitive to lactose, I’m always looking for good alternatives to dairy products that actually taste good. It’s coconut milk-based yogurt that has a nice, thick texture (almost like Greek yogurt) which I love putting in my smoothies.

08. Supergoop Glow Screen – Daily SPF is part of my morning routine, and I currently use this one for the nice, light shimmer and glow.

09. Otherland Candles – These candles are a favorite because of the amazing scents and beautiful packaging! Not sure which one to get? Try out scents first before committing.

10. Ogee Sculpted Stick – I haven’t felt prepared to get into any real makeup routine yet :P. But these cheek sticks a pretty touch of color to make me look awake and ready for the day!

11. LaCroix Summer Flavors – Basic or not, I always keep LaCroix in the fridge. It makes drinking water so much more fun. Plus we just got the new summer flavors, and that Beach Plum is delicious.

12. Grummies – If you’ve ever tried to do the “healthy” thing and drink apple cider vinegar once a day – you know that adulting can sometimes suck. Enter Grummies, a delicious apple cider vinegar gummy option that makes it actually enjoyable!

13. Pons Sandals – I’ve been a fan of Pons for maybe a decade now?! They are responsible for the current tanline on my feet ;P The sandals are comfy, are CUTE!, and last such a long time. They are my go-to pair every single summer.



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