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I went on vacation and didn’t share anything on social media

I’ve spent the last (almost) 16 years with some sort of social media tied to my business. And, just like many of us, I’ve developed mixed feelings about social media…

I’ve spent the last (almost) 16 years with some sort of social media tied to my business. And, just like many of us, I’ve developed mixed feelings about social media. I love creating community, reaching you all, and sharing what I have to offer in ways I never could never have done pre-social media. But I also don’t enjoy feeling like it pokes me to constantly share, check likes, and feel like I always have to keep up. So I tried something out…

I went away on vacation for a week and didn’t share anything.

I didn’t post where I was going. I didn’t share anything from my trip while I was there. I didn’t put up a family vacation photo. The funny thing is that could seem totally normal if you don’t use social media. But how many of us share our vacations and trips on social? Whether you use Facebook for personal use to show your friends and family a slice of your trip or whether your job somehow is tied to Instagram (like mine) and you want to share fun things with your followers. You want to share. You’re so used to sharing.

The thing I learned is that everybody was fine while I checked out for a week. No one missed me. And I don’t say that in a sad way, I mean that everyone else’s lives went on. They didn’t notice I wasn’t posting because they had plenty of other things filling their feed. The world went on, and nothing bad happened. And, the positive thing was…

Everyone was right there when I came back exactly the same. I didn’t miss a beat or lose followers. They all had the same enthusiasm and interest in whatever I was posting as they did before.

Whether we post for our IRL community or our virtual one, we’re all so used to sharing something and then waiting on those likes and comments. What do they think? What do they want to know? Do they wish they were there, too? What questions can I answer for them?

There is nothing wrong with sharing (that’s pretty much a big part of my job, and I love it!), but I’ve learned it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Do what feels right it. I’ve always only shared a tiny fraction of my life on social media, and I get to decide that (no one else). I get to decide if I want to share less on some days or more on other days. I get to decide if I want the world to see my vacation or if I want to keep it to myself. Remember to use this amazing tool to bring you joy…and take breaks when needed.


  1. I love this. I have always found it really weird when influencers say things like “I’m so sorry I haven’t been on yet today.” or the way overused “It’s been a hot minute since I’ve been on here.” As if their followers can’t make it a few hours without them posting or don’t have their own lives, projects, relationships, etc to live for….Most people generally don’t notice if an influencer doesn’t post for a few days. And we’re not mad about it or freaking out.

    If there is anything decades of social media use have now taught us, it’s do what you are most comfortable with and don’t live and die by what’s happening on your screen. Thank you for leading us to sane social media use.

    1. Ah yes, I agree! I have been guilty of saying that and then I’m thinking..why do I have to apologize? And never did it again 😛

  2. I love this, Joy! I take a lot of breaks, but I do get a sense of guilt that I’m not pushing for more content. In time, my business will allow more time for more content. For now, my community seems to enjoy when I show up, and they don’t jump ship when I don’t post 💓 I love a solid year of printed photo album dedication in lieu of checking social!! 👆🏻

  3. What you said a few posts ago on IG – about not owning your content on the IG platform and directing followers back to your blog- was spot on. I am so frustrated with social media. Thanks for the reminder that our blogs are our own!
    Awww … I do miss the old days of blogging when everyone was reading them and we were part of the wonderfully supportive blogging community. I feel like IG really stole the blogging community’s engagement. Remember Blog Rolls? Those were so good for interesting and quality engagement.

    1. Hi Cynthia! I do miss those days, too. But I think IG has offered something that has still opened up our access in great ways. It’s just a reminder to people that long form content is still best on blogs and you can search here, too!

  4. This is actually a hard rule in our household. We don’t post anything on social until we’ve returned, because it seems like a really good way to advertise “hey, we’re not home, come steal our stuff!”

    1. Oh yes! For that reason, too! The only difference in this case is I didn’t share anything even after which was brand new for me! 🙂


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