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Fall Tabletop Tips

If you’re looking for a fun way to bring some festivity to your fall dinners, here are some of my favorite tips…

Fall for me means the start of the holiday season and small gatherings with my favorite people. Since food and being together to enjoy food is one of my favorite ways to hang out with those I love, it’s no surprise that prepping the table for a meal at home is fun for me. If you’re looking for a fun way to bring some festivity to your fall dinners, here are some of my favorite tips…

1. Start with What You Already Have
What do you already have? Maybe you have white plates, mustard cloth napkins, or some pretty brass flatware. Start with as many things as you already have before adding more.

2. Layer with Seasonal Pieces 
It’s not realistic to go out and buy full place settings every year for items that are seasonal. So once you have your base items, add a few seasonal pieces to layer on top. This could be a new set of linens or some decorative fall items (like pumpkins, fall leaves, etc.). A unique table runner or placemats can give the table texture and warmth and are a quick and simple way to elevate your tabletop decorations with a fall theme. Then, play with height and texture when you add pieces in like long candlesticks for mood or a wreath used as a textural centerpiece.

3. Play with Asymmetry
Things don’t have to be perfectly even. Place napkins askew on a plate or show off some of your placemat by placing them slightly off-center. This adds intentional playfulness!

4. Go Outside Traditional Fall Colors
I’m not much of a lover of traditional fall colors so why not mix it up? You can highlight greens or other emerald colors that feel in line with the season, or go earthy with a single pop of color. It’s up to you!

5. Metallics Make Everything Better
Whether it’s through flatware, plate details, or decor trim, I love adding metallics to all the other details. Whether you prefer silver, bronze, or brass, it adds shine and makes the table feel extra special.

6. Foliage (Faux or Not) Goes a Long Way
Take advantage of the nature outside to pull some leaves or foliage from your yard (or stock up on the faux kind to reuse again next year). Either way, it adds great texture to the center of the table, and you can use more or less depending on the size of your table.

At the end of the day, it’s about setting up a table that feels both fun for you and functional for guests. Mix in both existing pieces with a few new things, and it will set the stage for an evening filled with good food with friends and family.

Photos by Lily Glass

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