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A Kids Book About Confidence

I’m so thrilled to be an author in the “A Kids Book About” series with A Kids Book About Confidence available for pre-order today…

I have loved the A Kids Book About Co. since I first read founder, Jelani Memory’s, A Kids Book About Racism. This series uses words and typography to explain important topics to kids in ways they can understand. I have a collection for my own kids in a range of topics, and I’m so thrilled to be an author in their series with A Kids Book About Confidence available for pre-order TODAY!

I spent a lot of my life struggling to find my confidence (and it’s still a work-in-progress every day). I’ve seen how confidence can improve lives (including my own), so I have always been passionate about helping people find their confidence—in the way they dress, in their careers, in their home decor, and in their everyday selves. Confidence allows us to truly become the best versions of ourselves. To be able to translate that message and give tips to kids (and the parents reading with them) is a dream come true. My very best hope is that your kids find encouragement to be more confident in who they are through this book.

You can pre-order A Kids Book About Confidence right here.

P.S. If you’re looking for other great books from the series, I have included so many in our diverse kids series: Being Transgender, Optimism and Racism.


  1. Hi Joy,

    Your book looks great! Just ordered a copy for my Little Library to share with neighbors. I always enjoy reading your blog and love the super cute items you do…from pups to babies. ♥️

    Wishing you and family a Happy New Year! 🎊

    Cheryl Sakai


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