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Celebrate Thanksgiving or Straight to Christmas?

Ah yes, it’s the age-old debate of when holiday decor should be put up. Does the season start the day after Halloween or the day after Thanksgiving (or even later)? I personally see value in both. I love autumnal colors—with an Oh Joy! twist—and could see wanting to keep those things up longer than a month. But I also love the sparkle of twinkle lights and the magic of the tree – and could see wanting to keep those things up longer than a month!

There’s also the interesting tension between you and your partner. You might have been raised that the tree gets trimmed on Christmas Eve. And your partner has to be restrained from putting up the giant inflatable snowman in October. If that’s you – how to do you decide? Do you switch off years or compromise somewhere in the middle or create your own new traditions?

For our household, we’ve created new traditions and plans since our parents were immigrants and didn’t celebrate the holidays with the same zeal. Because it’s my job to create content, I find myself prepping holiday posts usually early October to be done by the middle of November! So because of that, I usually do a late November setup for my personal home, usually after Thanksgiving. Luckily my husband is fine with whatever I go with…ha!

What about your family? Do you already have your Santa hats on, or are your pumpkins still glowing? (That reminds me…I probably should take my Halloween decorations down.)

Photo by Lily Glass 


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