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Style Tips: Vintage Florals

When combined with modern pieces, these vintage florals look fresh and fun and oh-so-special! Here are few examples of how I styled them and some tips for wearing any florals…

When it comes to vintage pieces, floral prints are one of my favorites to find and wear. However, florals can also date a piece with the style the print is drawn in. When combined with modern pieces, these vintage florals (all from my recent Palm Springs trip) look fresh and fun and oh-so-special! Here are few examples of how I styled them and some tips for wearing any florals (vintage or new)…

Outfit 1 – Flower Power
This is a bold vintage floral dress—both in pattern scale and in color. While I love it on it’s own, adding a layering piece up top can help to tone it down a bit. I’ve unbuttoned a denim top and wore it open so that you can still see the dress but it gives a bit more coverage and makes it more casual than a fully-buttoned-up top.

Tip: Just because a shirt has buttons doesn’t mean you need to use them all every time! Experiment with wearing it different ways to maximize its layering potential.

Sources: Vintage dress from The Frippery, denim top past season from Sezane (similar), boots (past season) by Brother Vellies.

Outfit 2 – Pink Peonies
This is also a floral maxi dress in a similar lightweight material as the previous one. Yet, the linework and vibe are much different. While colorful, it’s more subdued and pastel. For this one, I’m dressing it up a bit by adding a cropped solid pink blazer.

Tip: When pairing solids with patterns, find a solid color that complements the pattern. That could mean finding a color that’s already in the pattern or finding one that contrasts but complements the colors in the dress. For example, I would not have chosen a red blazer as it would be too primary and hot next to the softer colors in the dress. I also would not have chosen black as it would have been too dark against this light dress.

Sources: Vintage dress from The Frippery, blazer past season from Zara (similar), boots (past season) by Brother Vellies.

Outfit 3 – Jumping for Florals
I fell in love with this stunning jumpsuit—it’s cool and casual and so easy to wear! Because it’s sleeveless, I like to layer it with short sleeves for a little more coverage especially in the spring mornings when it’s cooler. Similarly to the denim top in Outfit #1, don’t feel limited by the buttons of a top. In this case, I left the bottom buttons open and tied the shirt at the waist for to create this casual layer.

Tip: Layering anything over a jumpsuit may seem like an extra thing to have to take off for when it’s time to go to the restroom. And honestly, it is. But if you need to layer for extra warmth, then just make sure the piece is in fact easy to put on and off, too!

Sources: Vintage jumpsuit from The Frippery, blouse from Haley Solar, boots (past season) by Brother Vellies.

Outfit 4 – Floral Coverage
I’m obsessed with vintage jackets, dusters, and any layering piece that can make even the simplest outfit even more fun. This light, quilted floral vintage jacket is perfect for spring and was such a fun find at a recent flea market during my trip to Palm Springs! Worn over a solid top and pants, the two mix together just right.

Tip: A floral jacket is usually going to be the star of any outfit. It could be worn over jeans and a tee, a solid dress, or in this case a monochrome top and bottom. These are the kinds of pieces that really make me love collecting vintage!

Sources: Vintage duster from Kkibo at Palm Springs Flea Market, top and bottom by Corinne Collection, boots (past season) by Brother Vellies.


  1. There are SO many great ideas/tips in this posts! Makes me wanna go play dress-up in my closet. 😉

    Also LOVE seeing your treasures collected from Palm Springs. That’s the other thing I love about vintage shopping in person — I always remember who I was shopping with when I found something and it makes for really special memories.

    Love you xo!

    1. Aw yes! And you have plenty of amazing pieces to go play dress up in! I’ll alway remember these pieces from this past Spring Break with you!

  2. with sleeveless jumpers and dresses – i like to put a white or colored tshirt under for a 90’s spin/look and with the jumper don’t have to remove for the restroom visits 😉
    Very cute outfits!


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