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Happy Weekend!

I cannot believe it’s already May! Here are some things I’m into this week…

I cannot believe it’s already May! It’s a busy month of celebrations for me with Mother’s Day this Sunday, my Mom’s birthday, my birthday, and more close friends’ birthdays to celebrate. This past week has been extra rough with what’s going on in the US and the world. So I’m trying to focus on the good things. This weekend, I’m doing my annual Rosebowl by myself for Mother’s Day in the morning before coming back to hang with my family for the rest of day. Here are some other family things I’m into this week…

Latonya Yvette and Amanda Jane Jones just released their new kids’ book —The Hair Book. It’s so cute and fun and diverse. What a great book to add to your kids’ library and read together!

We love playing this Make Maki game in our house. It’s great for playing as a family (with kids 7 or older) or for adults! Sometimes we remove the chopsticks and just use our hands to make the shapes as it’s already so challenging (and I’m good at using chopsticks normally)!

We’ve been having fun with marbling using this kit. You can see some of my videos here and here and here!

For those of you in Los Angeles, Unique Markets LA is this weekend. Go check out all the small business owners who make and sell amazing things…and shop small!

Photo by Lily Glass from our Oh Joy! x The ODells collection.


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