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I’m Turning 43!

Tomorrow, I’m turning 43! Here’s 4 Things I’ve Learned and 3 Things I’m Unlearning…

Tomorrow, I’m turning 43! Ah….what a random age :P. I thought it would be fun to share 43 things I’ve learned in my 43 years, but that number felt SO big! Ha! So instead, here’s 4 Things I’ve Learned and 3 Things I’m Unlearning…

Learned: Self-Confidence
Confidence will be something that I am constantly learning and working on for the rest of my life. It’s a topic that means a lot to me to talk about as you’ll never feel 100% confident all the time, no matter how confident you grow into feeling most days (I talk about that a lot in A Kids Book About Confidence). But one of the biggest factors in growing my own self-confidence leads to the next thing I’ve been trying to unlearn…

Unlearning: Other People’s Opinions
I’ve spent so much of my life caring (or worrying) about what others think of me. And, it’s SO exhausting. As I get older, I care less and less. But I still need to work on it a lot…every single day.

Learned: Fashion is Ageless
My sense of style and coming into my true style in my 30’s and 40’s has helped my confidence a ton. Once you feel like you’re good at something or have a point of view you stand behind, it makes you feel ready to take more risks and be yourself in this world. I wear what I want to wear and don’t worry if those colors aren’t “something a 40-something would wear” or that it looks too young. Wear something that makes YOU happy!

Unlearning: The Hustle
The last two years for me have been a lot about slowing down from the hustle that was my life for so long. As a business owner, the hustle culture was the only way for the longest time, and it’s what was touted among female entrepreneurs as the only way to prove ourselves. But that doesn’t have to be the only way. And now, I’m better at finding balance and focusing my work on what I really want and love. I no longer care about busting my butt to make millions of dollars, I just want to be able to do what I do and be there for my family as much as possible.

Learned: Being Active for Fun
For several years, I didn’t make time to work out, and I was well aware of it. I focused my energy on my business, and I felt guilty for taking time away from my kids to go exercise for myself. Once I started getting active again in the past year, I realized that the boost of energy I get from it makes a world of difference for my mood. I’m not doing it to lose weight or to fit into a bikini. I’m doing it to make sure I stay healthy for myself and my kids and to give myself a mental break from the everyday.

Unlearning: Jealousy
It can feel so easy (especially with social media) to see all the amazing things other people are doing and accomplishing. Number one…social media isn’t a full picture of anyone’s real life (remember that!). And, number two…while jealously is a tough feeling to crack, you have to tap into those feelings and figure out why someone or something is making you jealous. It almost always means there’s something inside of us that we’re wanting, missing, or dreaming of. How can you use that feeling to channel inspiration and motivation for things YOU want to do for you.

Learned: Kindness First
Over the course of the pandemic, everyone has gotten a little crankier and a little less kind and understanding. The world feels like it’s on fire, and we’re all doing our best to stay positive while also feeling the effects of so many issues facing our country and our world. Life is short and can change in an instant. So to that person who cuts you off on the road or your neighbor whose been a little sassy lately, kill them with kindness and try not to let them ruin your mood.

Photo by Lily Glass


  1. Happy birthday Joy! Your lessons really resonate with me. I really admire you and you are a wonderful role model of authenticity and living by your values!


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