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Style Tips: Summer Blues

Blue is always one of my go-to colors because it has so much variety in shade and intensity…it works all year long.

Blue is always one of my go-to colors because it has so much variety in shade and intensity…it works all year long. Here are a few blue pieces I rented from Nuuly recently which has been a great way for me to switch up my wardrobe in a more cost-effective and sustainable way…

Outfit 1 – The Bold and the Blue
This is probably one of my favorite blues ever…a great cobalt blue always makes a statement. This dress is casual and easy-to-wear yet the volume and shape makes it feel unique and special. I feel like a bow on top of a present, and I am here for it!

Tip: When wearing a dress that has a lot of volume, you can offset that volume up top by keeping things simple on the bottom. Here I’m wearing simple clogs with bare legs so that the dress takes the focus!

Sources: Blue Tassel Dress, Bryr Clogs.

Outfit 2 – Cool and Casual
I tend to wear long dresses and pants most of the time, and I forget how cool and comfy shorts can be! This pair has mini daisies embroidered on them which adds a nice detail to otherwise casual shorts. I love that they are comfy, yet feel put together.

Tip: For shorts that run a little longer (like these), you can roll down the waist to shorten them a bit or embrace the longer length. And, a front tuck with your top helps to elongate the whole look.

Sources: Ichi Floral Shorts (rented from Nuuly), Oh Joy x Odells Lily Top (XS-XL and (1X-3X), Bryr Clogs.

Outfit 3 – Graphic and Fancy
This mod vintage dress is SO cool, and a really fun piece to borrow if you don’t have a reason to keep something so specific in your closet. Because the dress is head-to-toe bold, add simple shoes (like these clogs) in a complementary color.

Tip: You know I love buying vintage but this is a great way to test it out if you’re new to the vintage game.

Sources: Vintage dress (rented from Nuuly), Bryr Clogs.

P.S. See these in motion over on Instagram here and for those who are expecting, Nuuly now has maternity options. I would have loved that when I was pregnant and wanting fun


  1. May I know where you bought the ‘donuts’ print that you placed in your kitchen? You did a quick video on Instagram about it a few weeks back and I have been meaning to ask ever since. Thanks for all your style and fabulous-ness!!
    Your fan,

      1. Thank you so much! Just searched for this answer from you tonight as I didn’t come back to the right spot in July! So glad the answer was still here!


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