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To Prime Day, Or Not to Prime Day…

If you’re a Prime member on Amazon, I’ve created a list of some my favorite items and essentials on sale right now for Prime Day. Or, shop small with some of my favorites right here…

If you’re a Prime member on Amazon (or want to be one), we have created a storefront over on Amazon of my favorite items and essentials on sale right now for Prime Day. We have items from tons of categories (home decor, fashion, novelties, etc.)

If you aren’t a Prime member but looking for get deals today, try Target’s Deal Days.

If you’re anti-Amazon or aren’t a Prime member, we totally get it! Here are some of our favorite small shops you can support this prime day or any day of the year who will absolutely appreciate your business!

ODells – and be sure to shop our fun and chic collection, only available for a limited time!

Mochi Kids – fun and cute kids (and adult) novelty tees and gifts.

Jungalow – BIPOC woman-owned shop by my friend, Justina, full of amazing home decor.

Angus & Celeste – Gorgeous planters that are chic and functional.

Hedley and Bennett

Hedley & Bennett – BIPOC woman-owned apron brand by my friend, Ellen, the aprons are amazing, made in LA, and totally worth the price.

Clare V. – These handbags can be a splurge, but they are beautiful, well-made in LA, and last forever. Plus they have a great resell program if you’re looking to buy or sell gently used options.

Uncooked – I discovered Uncooked Cards years ago when they were just starting. After 20 years, they will be closing their card shop soon to pursue their other incredible creative work. These cards continue to be some of the funniest out there. (Use code: SAYONARA for 50% off)

Etsy Shopping Page – My curated shopping list of my favorite small shops (my vintage curation is pretty good if I do say so myself!).

If you just want to take a peek at our Amazon picks, head here. Otherwise, happy shopping!


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