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Diverse Kids’ Books (Part 10)

In our on-going Diverse Kids’ Books guides, here’s a handful of new titles I wanted to share with you…

In our on-going Diverse Kids’ Books guides, here’s a handful of new titles I wanted to share with you…

01. I Am Me: A Book of Authenticity by Susan Verde; illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds. This book is an affirming reminder that differences are what makes life beautiful—and that each of us matters, just as we are.

02. Measuring A Year: A Rosh Hashanah Story by Linda Elovitz Marshall; illustrated by Zara González Hoang.
This sweet and thoughtful picture book, perfect for reading aloud, invites young readers and their families to take stock of the happy times and the occasional regrets, as well as the new friends made and new skills gained over the year. Happy New Year! Shana Tova!

03. Counting At The Market by Mochi Kids.
A fun board book for little ones that includes lots of foods from the Asian market! The illustrations are engaging (and so cute!) for babies just getting started with picture books and toddlers learning to count.

04. Us: A Compendium by Wee Society
This is a diary journal designed to capture what’s interesting, weird, and wonderful about your family. It’s filled with prompts—both silly and serious—to learn more about each other and what’s most important to you as a family. 

05. Our Story Starts in Africa by Patrice Lawrence; illustrated by Jeanetta Gonzales.
Paloma goes to Trinidad to visit her Tante and learns how their family’s story starts in Africa. She learns about the great histories of Africa, the evils of enslavement, and their current lives. Its a beautifully told story filled with truth sensitively told.

06. Extraordinary Women with Cameras by Darcy Reed; illustrated by Vanesa Perez.
Women have been part of the art form of photography from the beginning of the craft, and this book proudly tells of their contributions and stories.

07. The Boy Who Tried To Shrink His Name by Sandhya Parappukkaran; illustrated by Michelle Pereira.
An amazing story of Zimdalamashkermishkada, a young boy who tries to shrink his name but knows it doesn’t feel right. Finally, a friend learns helps him find the confidence to go by his full name.

08. A Grandma’s Magic by Charlotte Offsay; illustrated by Asa Gilland
This book is a celebration of grandmothers of all cultures and families and the magic they share with their grandchildren.

09. Fighting For Yes!: The Story of Disability Rights Activist Judith Heumann by Maryann Cocca-Leffler; illustrated by Vivien Mildenberger.
An important story about how true diversity must include disability. Judith Heumann was an activist who helped hold the sit-in until a disability rights law was passed and shows the importance of fighting for what is right!

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