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Ready for the Weekend…

It’s officially October! Here are some fun things from around the web this week…

It’s officially October – which in my house means it’s birthday month! Lots of celebrations and IN-PERSON parties happening this month, and it’s so nice to be back to normal, at least on that front. We hope your October has been off to a great start and you are in the mood for fall and spooky season. Our Halloween decor is out – cobwebs and bats this year – and we are ready! I’m also going glamping this weekend (which is definitely the change of scenery I need). Here are some fun things from around the web this week…

Worried about your fall garden at home? Maybe try these incredibly curated plants this season!

If your kids are like mine, you’ve probably already lost several water bottles and other lunch packages. Try these labels to make keeping track a little easier.

Photo gallery walls made easy.

If you’re still drinking cold coffee, this is for you. Oat Mocha Lattes by Minor Figures. No more work in the morning, coffee ready when you are!

A new brand of chocolate that tastes good and is good for the world.

Anthropologie 30th Anniversary Book is out and so fun.

What are the songs of fall to you? This one gets me every time.

Have you seen Hocus Pocus 2 yet? I haven’t as I’m saving it for Halloween!

Check out this new brand for pet accidents.

And remember to check your voting status. Don’t assume – do a quick 2 minute check!


  1. I think all of my October weekends will be busy! I might convert one of my walls into a photo gallery of my favorite music artists while blasting their songs in the background!

    Thank you so much for the idea!


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