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Gift Guide: Under $25

Gifts under $25 are the perfect price point for so many that you want to gift this season. Whether it’s a friend, client, neighbor, coworker, or relative, here are some of our faves…

Gifts under $25 are the perfect price point for so many that you want to gift this season. Whether it’s a friend, client, neighbor, coworker, or relative, here are some of our faves…

Fashion Oracles ($13) – Lately, I love the idea of drawing a card (tarot, inspirational, or otherwise) to set your mind on a specific intention or goal for the day. This set is super fun and not too serious! It’s great for that person in your life who already has all the things!

Moglea Painted Notebook/Journal ($21) – Because we could all be journaling or sketching a little more, this version by Moglea is simply beautiful with their hand-painted covers. This means that each one is one-of-a-kind just like the recipient! Try this gift for all the creatives in your life, or pair it with pens for your mentor or coach.

Poketo Bookmark ($18) – For all those books we’re working our way through, a brass bookmark says, “I take my reading seriously!” Plus, it’s just a beautiful object they’ll love. Bonus points if you want to add your favorite book you read this year to the gift. This is perfect for readers on any level, your best friend or that tricky person on your list that wants useful gifts but already owns everything!

Confetti Glitter Heart Safety Alarm by Blingsting ($20) – I hate that we live in a world where these are sometimes necessary, but I love having the safety option right on my keychain. And bonus points for the glitter confetti! Perfect for moms, teachers, and co-workers.

Travel Mug by Hydrapeak ($17) – Coffee (or tea) is on most adults’ daily to-do list. So everyone can use a travel mug to take it with them. I like this one because of the handle and the size (8 oz doesn’t do it anymore ;)! Plus, it comes in five different colors so you can gift to all ages and all genders. It would be great for your mail carrier, your boss, or your father-in-law.

Holiday Balsam Candle by Target ($25) – Candles are always a nice and welcome gift, and most everyone loves and uses candles, particularly during the holidays. If you don’t like the scent, trade it for another holiday classic. This candle I particularly like because of it’s unique shape and beautiful vessel, plus it likely matches the recipient’s decor with the muted green glass. Gift to your neighbor, the hostess of your holiday party, or add to your own mantle.

Visual Measuring Cups by Welcoming Industries ($25) – How fun are these measuring cups? When I first saw these, I realized I hadn’t bought new measuring cups in literal decades. I love these because they are helpful to the eye when trying to grab the 1/3 cup measure, and also helpful to illustrate fractions if you have any littles helping bake in your kitchen. Grab a set for any bakers (whatever age!) or for your mom (you know she hasn’t bought a new set since you were born ;)!

Noshinku Pocket Refillable Hand Sanitizer ($9) – Remember when we didn’t even think about hand sanitizer, and now we’re using it daily?! This is my favorite for keeping in my purse with its slim shape and lovely scent options. (You can also grab three at a time for a small discount if you love them as much as I do.) Gift these to your niece or any student in your life, your mother-in-law or add as a stocking stuffer!

Chunks Jelly Claw ($20) – It’s the 90s again, and there are parts of that I love! (Don’t get me wrong, there are parts I don’t love too :)! I am so glad these claw clips are back, and in this quintessentially 90s fashion. This clip is big! So it’s perfect if you need to tame your mane. Give this to your best friend or your babysitter.

Poketo Mini Planner ($24) – Poketo makes the very best calendars! They’re colorful to keep things interesting but simple enough to please every aesthetic. Plus, if this year is too hectic for the receiver to use, they can roll over until next year. The calendar is open-dated and ready for you only when you’re ready for it. Present this to immediate applause to your dog-walker, your day care, or your mom.



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