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Gift Guide: Activities and Kits

Whether you’re looking for a great idea for a gift or something to do over the holiday break, here are some of my favorite kits and activities to do at home for both kids and adults…

The Dream Craft Room for Your Kid / via Oh Joy!

As my kids (and family) grow, I find them more interested in activities we can do together or projects they can do during solo time versus only getting them more traditional toys. So whether you’re looking for a great idea for a gift or something to do over the holiday break, here are some of my favorite kits and activities to do at home for both kids and adults…

Block Shop Block Printing Kit – I love everything that Block Shop makes! Their Block Printing kit makes it easy to design cards, prints, and wrapping paper with all the things you need. I love how everything works together to create so many different designs, and you get to pick the colors you want! Stamps can get a little messy (part of the fun), so make this a family activity or for the older kids to help with!

Flower Bouquet by LEGO – I won’t lie to you, I’ve had my eye on this set for a long time! This would be so fun to build and then as much fun to display in a beautiful vessel. For the flower-lover or lego-builder (or both) in your life!

Sculpd Pottery Bundle – My girls and I love making pottery, and this is the perfect at-home kit if you can’t make it to a studio this holiday. The only limit on this project is your imagination—make self portraits or a mug, candleholders or planters. I love sculpting, but my favorite part is adding color later (of course) so these creations can be as bold or as subdued as you like. It’s always so fun to see what imaginations everyone has.

Needlepoint Kit by Loop Canvas – I love working on these needlepoints because they come with everything you need, and they don’t require lots of experience or fine skills to complete. It’s a totally relaxing afternoon watching your favorite show, sipping hot chocolate, and needlepointing. Plus, you end up with a cute canvas you can frame, turn into a pillow (for the experts in the group), or roll up and start on the next one.

Beverly Hills Hotel Puzzle by Gray Malin – I have always loved Gray Malin’s photography, and a puzzle is just the right entertainment to keep out during the holiday season. You can keep your puzzle table going for people to walk by and add pieces or work on it during games or your favorite holiday movies. Plus, you end up with a real work of art!

KiwiCo Domino Machine – I have loved KiwiCo since forever! They have amazing kits for kids of all ages to learn how to build, create, problem-solve and make useful things. You can get a subscription to have kits coming to your house all the time, or gift a one-time project for your kiddos and family to put together over the break. You can’t go wrong with any of their sets, but I want this one to be able to knock down all the dominos after!

OMY Giant Sticker Poster – Remember when we used to have these in our shop? That’s how much I love this French brand and their great products for kids. Of course, I love to “help” put as many stickers on the poster as possible. It’s so big that everyone can gather around it on the floor or on the table and help. Plus, this atlas one does a little teaching while you play. And if stickers aren’t your thing, they have coloring posters, amazing markers, games and puzzles, too!

Plus Plus Blocks – These are puzzle pieces that you can build out to whatever you want! They have some guided sets like this Christmas tree, but most are open play and encourage you to use your imagination and build what’s in your mind. A fun game is to get together, set a timer, and see what everyone can create in that time.

Candygrams Crossword Game – A fun board game is perfect for a family gift! Grab your treats and a hot cocoa, and gather round the table for a fun (and sometimes intense) competition.

Maptote Embroidery Kit – I love these new kits from Maptote! This is perfect for sitting watching your favorite holiday movie or when the rest of family has left the house for playing in the snow or trying out their new pickleball set. I am guilty of picking up my phone too often, so this is a nice alternative to keep me occupied.

Do You Really Know Your Family Game – My family LOVES this game. It is so fun to play together, and really helps all of you get to know each other better. I think it would be especially perfect if you had a gathering of several generations for everyone to laugh together and learn new things about one another. 10/10 recommend.

P.S. We Made This: Super Fun Crafts That Grow Smarter + Happier Kids! – This amazing book, by my friend Erica Domesek, is full of fun and interesting crafts that your kids will actually like to do! A really fun gift would be to include some supplies with this book, or pick an outdoor activity at a fun local spot your kids love! You’ll learn a bunch and spend great time together.


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