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Gift Guide: Pets!

If you want to get something for the pet (or pet lover) in your life, here are some favorites…

Now that I am a full-on dog Mom, I’m always thinking about fun things to get my dog, Sticky, and her buddies. So if you want to get something for the pet (or pet lover) in your life, here are some favorites…

Frisco Squeaky Dog Toy – This brand of squeaky toys is my dog’s favorite. They are perfect for playing fetch with as well as for playing tug, and they hold up for a while with smaller dogs.

Pet Hair Remover by FurZapper – I love amazing products from Shark Tank! And though I love my dog Sticky and my cat Max, we have LOTS of fun to clean up! I love these handy little hair removers for your clothes so others can’t tell immediately you’re a dog/cat-lady!

Sugarhouse Ceramics Pet Bowl – There’s really something about a bowl that doesn’t look like a pet bowl. I love having pets, but don’t want the cheesy or even plain and utilitarian options for water and food bowls. These ceramics are sophisticated and chic, and I don’t mind them being out all day.

Frisco Wire Tease Cat Toy – The most simple (yet best) cat toy you’ll ever use. My cats loved this especially when they were younger and had lots of energy. The motion mimics that of a butterfly, and they go crazy for it!

ProbaPaws Bandana – I love everything at Proba as their products have such good color, patterns and shapes. This bandana is a fun design that will look great on my black and white dog!

ProbaPaws Petal Toy – I love how artsy and cool this toy is! It’s got lots of great places to bite, grab, and chew for your pup.

Wild One Poop Bags ($8) – Available in a ton of solid colors, this is your go-to companion for walks that mixes and matches whatever leash you have.

Pooch Creamery Dog Ice Cream – You all know my favorite treat is ice cream. This is such a fun way to share that love with Sticky with a treat made just for her. We’re all having dessert tonight!

Pet Portrait by Leah Goren – I love Leah’s work, and this is such a fun and playful version of a pet portrait to give to your friend who loves their furry bestie!

Pet Car Seat by LollyPup – I love how luxe and functional this seat is. If you’ve got a small dog that needs a car seat, go all out and get this padded, vegan leather option. You’ll be the envy of all your dog friends.

Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test – For the friend who has always wanted to know the history of their rescue pup! It’s easy to take and quick results – it’s a fun way to know more about your furry friends.


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