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Easter Basket Round Up

Here are some of my faves for a low-cost and fun Easter basket…

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I know we have two weeks until Easter, but it will sneak up on you before you know it! If you’re one that preps a pretty basket for your kids to wake up to on the big day, I have a few suggestions for a low-cost but still lots of fun gift! Here are some favorites…

Pink Scalloped Basket ($10) – I love this basket idea because it is sturdy and durable and can be used as a carry-all or tote after the candy is consumed and the toys are scattered around the house :). Plus it comes in white and blue if pink isn’t your thing!

Bunny Basket ($10) – This is a more classic approach to the Easter basket. Who doesn’t love a cute bunny? And hopefully if it can be reused again and again. I love the sweet pink nose and checks and pop-up ears!

Pull-Along Duck Toy ($15) – For the younger kids’ baskets, this classic and beautiful kid’s toy looks great and is fun to play with. And it’s so on theme for spring!

Play-Doh Minis ($5) – Get this bag of 15 play-doh minis to spread across all your baskets, or give each kid their own set. I love this size because it’s just enough to have fun with, and not enough that you’ll be picking it out of the carpet later. I am all about finding as many non-candy and creative things as possible!

Easter Egg Chalk ($3) – I love this one! It’s themed perfectly for the basket, it’s to be played with outside, and chalk (usually) comes off fairly easy. These are great for younger kids to grip easily and for older kids to create masterpieces. Join the fun in the sun (and at least here in LA, we’re hoping for no rain on Easter!)

Pop Fidget ($2) – These were all the rage a few year ago and not the hot toy anymore, but still I love them for a quiet and focused activity. Whenever I pick one up, I find myself playing with it, too!

Flower Painting Kit ($5) – Mondo Llama has lots of different painting sets, so if flowers aren’t right, you can find something else fun. These are fun for all ages and fun to do with your kids as a family activity!

Easter Bunny Lego ($33) – This one is a little more expensive, but hours of fun for the builder or puzzler in your family. It’s a fun activity to work on together, too.

Pineapple Lip Balm ($5) – A cutesy chapstick set that is fun to put on and adorable when it’s closed. This is great for tweens and teens.

Stackable Crayons ($2) – Is it a little bit on the nose? Yes! Is it still cute? Absolutely! Or, if your kids are beyond novelty bunny crayons, you can get the real thing.

Easter Coloring Book ($7) – For the older kids, a beautiful (and relaxing) coloring book that creates masterpieces they just might want to hang in their room. Here’s an option for the littles.

And, of course, you can’t forget all your favorite Easter candies! What’s going in your baskets this year?


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