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You Asked, We Answered!

Answering all your great questions about our Rockport collection…

You all have responded so amazingly to our collection and we’re so thankful to each of you for your comments, your clicks, and your purchases! We have some lingering FAQ’s we’re getting about our Oh Joy for Rockport collection, so we consolidated answers here for you. Shop the full collection here!

1. What’s the strap on the flat?
The straps on the flats are the same pattern as the Farrah Strappy Sandal hand-painted pattern! It’s a very small detail we absolutely love. The straps from a distance look like a pale pink to compliment the gold, but when you see them up close you see hints of the pattern.

2. Are the straps adjustable?
We weren’t sure which shoe this question was for, but we’re answering for all three, starting with the Farrah Heel. The ankle and heel strap on this shoe is adjustable!

For the Adelyn Flat, the answer is both yes and no. The straps across the top of your foot are not adjustable, but the strap around your heel is adjustable.

For the Briah Wedge, the straps are not adjustable, but there is elastic built into the gold strap on the side to accomodate stretch!

3. What happened to all the size 10s? Are they hiding?
No! So sorry, but all the size tens are sold out, and most sizes in the Briah Wedge are very low on inventory. So shop now while you can as nothing is going to restock.

4. What does the shoe box look like?
I love this question because it gives us the opportunity to tell you how serious we take the design process of our collections, from the product to the packaging to the words to the logo placement – we are very intentional about every detail looking great! Our boxes are this beautiful sea foam green with a rich hunter green on the inside and beautiful gold lettering on the top. Plus, you’ll see our favorite phrase “find joy here” on the box, too!

5. Is the hardware gold or silver?
The buckles on the heel and the flat are that classic Oh Joy! Gold!

6. How can they be as comfortable as you claim?
The wedge, the heel, and the flat all have padded areas in the sole of the shoe that cradle your foot and give you comfort when you step and stand. It’s easiest to see in the wedge and flat, but those areas make these shoes insanely comfortable from day one.

7. Is this your last collection with Rockport?
No way! Can’t say too much yet, but this holiday is going to be pretty sparkly!

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