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You Want to Marry ME?



Today is the ONE MONTH anniversary of being engaged. ( Don’t worry, I will not bring this up EVERY month, but one month is a nice little landmark to celebrate!) Just one month ago, we were on vacation in Newport, Rhode Island and I got the surprise of a lifetime when Bob proposed to me on an expanse of rocks by the Atlantic Ocean. After tears of happiness and shock (and after saying YES!), I responding with, “You want to marry ME?” Yes, he does. Queen Dork has found her King after all.

So, here is an ode to being engaged to the love of my life…and today I feel justified to obnoxiously show off my BOMB ASS ring & my BOMB ASS fiancé. (Bomb ass = very very good)


  1. glad to see you have plenty of free time to make the prettiest blog out there! this is def. on my blog rotation list now… i’m excited to say i know you!

  2. That ring is most definitly hardcore BOMB-ASS!!! And lets be two are clearly the most BOMB-ASS couple EVER!!!
    P.S. As you can tell BOMB-ASS is my new favorite phrase 😀

  3. hi joy, i’m just a stranger, but i want to share your happiness with Bob. i’ve known something about you through this blog. thank u so much, it’s wonderful! i bomb-ass admire u too. 😀

  4. you have got to be kidding me. I just found your website today, and seriously, that is the same bomb ass engagement ring I want!!!


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