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J. Crew? Who knew?



I’ve always been a mild-mannered J. Crew fan. Basic pieces every so often…a cute bathing suit every couple years…but not much else.

To my delight…the new Fall collection is full of some very colorful & glam pieces. Even the photography is looking a bit edgier. Slightly moody lighting…odd glances from the models…they have a secret, but they’re not telling. Preppy New Hampshire meets bright red lips and slightly messy hair-do’s.

However, the TRUE GEMS of their latest collection are the shoes. They really are truly wonderful.


  1. i know! i got the catalogue yesterday and almost died, i want everything but they are expensive. their shoes are like 250 now… note to j.crew — you’re not jimmy choo bring the prices down…

  2. i don’t know, these are pretty beautiful shoes and you could get two pair of these for the cost of one pair of jimmy choo’s! that’s what i call being fiscally responsible 🙂

  3. have you tried any of those on? I’m interested in putting those blue foral ones on my feet (SO PRETTY), but I tried on the pointy flats with buckles and they looked like butt. 🙁

  4. those blue floral ones ARE so cute! have not tried any yet because my wallet is currently empty. that’s too bad about the pointy toe flats! ;( i like the idea of them, though.

  5. if i’m gonna drop 500 buck on a shoes, their going to be blahniks and i’ll cherish them forever. but that’s just me…


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