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What would YOU do?

So, last night I was reading one of my bridal mags and came across this crazy/funny question….I swear, this HAS to be made up.

Q: How do I tell my bridesmaid that she’s got BO? It could knock you out!

A: First of all, no matter what you say she’s going to be mortified when she realizes she reeks. But if you keep mum, she could asphyxiate your other guests. So be kind, but direct. Say something like, “I’d want you to tell me if the tables were turned, which is why I have to let you know that your deodorant really isn’t cutting it.” This gets your point across in a nice way, while insinuating that her funk is the result of a faulty product, not a character flaw.

{If any of my bridesmaids are reading this…. Don’t worry, you don’t smell. Otherwise, I would have pointed out that your funk is the result of a faulty product, not your bad hygiene habits.}


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