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may launch madness!


So, it’s not quite May…but with all the talk earlier today about the new Blueprint, I wanted to share an update as well as another new May launch.

Blueprint hits stands any day now. Lucky girl, Mia, already received her premiere issue in the mail the other day! {I told her she must live near the distributor. Where the heck is mine, Martha?} Below left is an image from the premiere issue. {Thanks to Jordan for the tip!}


Also, new for May is the Daily’s monthly magazine. Those of you who have been lucky enough to go to fashion week remember the Daily…the oversized magazine put together for every day of fashion week in a super fun tabloid style. You could only get it at the shows and it was completely up to date as of the night before. I remember in the early days when there were only a handful of people on staff at the Daily. What started as a simple take on the fashion tabloids in 2002/2003 has become a huge hit with a great website spewing daily doses of fashion insider news. The Daily Mini is the monthly version of this and hits newstands today….

{PS. To those publishers out there of such coveted magazines, shouldn’t subscribers get the issues before it hits newstands? I subscribe to save money, but continually get my mags many days after seeing it in bookstores…Condé Nast, you know you’re guilty…}


  1. joy- i couldn’t agree with you more. i JUST got my domino and vogue yesterday…why do we pay for the subscription? i’d rather spend the extra bucks and get it off the stands. help out the guy running the bodega down the street.

  2. I have totally noticed magazines that I subscribe to being on the stand before they arrive in my mailbox! Then you feel slighted because you are so excited to flip through and spend time, but you dont want to buy it because one day your will arrive! Its like punishment! Or teasing!! Whatever it is, it’s not very nice!

  3. I TOTALLY AGREE. I was just ranting about this the other day. I always hear of or see the mags on the stands before I get them in the mail. Don’t they realize they’re ticking off their core base? I mean, these are people who are so psyched about the magazine that they subscribe to it, so they don’t miss an issue! I figured it was just another geographic problem of being the South, so I guess I’m somewhat glad to hear it’s not a regional bias. On another somewhat unrelated matter- Joy- you may have already posted info on this…but I was so sad to hear that MS Kids is closing its doors! Tragic. Thanks again for daily inspiration!

  4. I second these comments, my subscriptions are never on time. Most magazines hit the stands about 5 days in advance of when mine arrives in the mail. I’m waiting for my blueprint, anxiously…

  5. Yay for the launch of these two mags! I cannot wait to get my Blueprint issue. I will have to check out Daily mini. I agree, it’s really annoying when magazines hit the newstands before our mailboxes!


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