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our wedding: bridal party gifts


Believe it or not, I actually do buy from the designers I post about on my blog! My bridesmaids gifts were truly a collection of Oh Joy posts as I turned to resources I’ve posted about in the past. I had a few things custom made from some young, up-and-coming designers and purchased items from some of my favorite shops & brands. For my bridesmaids…


Exterior: Gift box wrapped in bands of my favorite wrapping paper ever…plummy paper from Eieio. Messages were written on “wish” and “shine” cards by Port2Port.

Inside: Custom-made necklaces by Kara of Red Room Jewelry sit inside a Reef Sugar Bowl from Anthropologie.

An extra something for my two maids of honor…


Outside: Simply wrapped in Brady fabric from Repro Depot

Inside: custom clutches made by Shana of SML Bags. Rena of Rare Device told me about this new line a couple months ago…and I loved the “Vivian” style but wanted a couple made especially for the occassion. I chose a dark chocolate/reddish leather and two of the floral appliqués from other bags on her site.


  1. Such beautiful gifts for your bridesmaids. It’s no surprise that you shop from the designers you blog about…you always have great taste in fashion and design. What lucky bridesmaids!!

  2. I love the clutches, Joy. I made me think of this. There’s a place in Boston where my sister and I went last year to customize our own bags, and we both got clutches. It’s on Newbury Street and it’s called 1154 LILL STUDIO. You can even design your own bags online, but it’s more fun to be in the store picking out the fabrics. You can’t really touch them online 🙂 Prices are resonable. It’s so much fun!


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